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Why VPAID is the Standard that Will Never Die

Posted Sep 25, 2018

VPAID is nothing new in the digital advertising space, and even though VAST is pushing for its place, VPAID is something that will be relevant in the marketing industry for some time to come, especially when it comes to programmatic inventory. VAST 4.1 may eventually take the lead, but until its fully adopted and supported across the board, VPAID is still a strong presence in the market. Viewability benefits, added interactivity, and measurement tools make VPAID a no-brainer for both advertisers and publishers.

If you’re new to the industry or have been on the cutting edge too long, it may be worth getting a bit of a recap on what VPAID is, how it works, and why it’s beneficial.

VPAID stands for Video Player Ad-serving Interface Definition and it was introduced in 2012 by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). It’s one of those fundamentals of digital ads and digital video that’s been around so long that people tend to overlook some of the benefits.

On its simplest level, VPAID is a script that instructs video players on which ads to play at what time, the length of the ad, and where to incorporate actions like play or pause. Compared to standard VAST video scripts, VPAID allows for more interactivity, measurement capabilities, and ad types. Plus, it makes it easier to track video ad performance and measure efficacy through metrics things like viewability, completion rate, and click-through rate.

Programmatic is continuing to take the digital ad industry by storm and demanding even more flexibility and agility from supply partners. VPAID is a simple and obvious solution to make things easier for both supply sources and clients. No need for custom integrations.

VPAID = Verification & Brand Safety
How does VPAID impact brands from a safety perspective? Additional brand safety features like blocking tags make advertising even more reliable and make targeting the right audience that much easier. Safe in-app partners that take additional measures, like post-bid blocking, while bringing viewability and transparency to the table, are essential to make an impact in your business results and the advertising space as a whole.

Mobile advertising is something that is just as simple, secure, and effective. VPAID unlocks even more capabilities as well as reporting, to make it possible to create a truly effortless omnichannel marketing strategy.

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