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Performance & Power Rankings — AppsFlyer & Mobbo on AdColony

Posted Sep 28, 2018

It’s technically Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, though you wouldn’t know it from our LA offices (our New York and London offices are a different story) and that means it’s performance and power ranking time from some of the largest players in the mobile space. As always, AdColony’s strengths are there for all to see. AppsFlyer and Mobbo both released their respective reports recently, so it’s time for some highlights.

Mobbo SDK Power Index
Mobbo, a mobile industry analysis firm, dove into a whole swathe of potential SDK’s developers might include in their app, from payment to rewarded video, to user engagement, and beyond.

AdColony showed off its strengths and penetration amongst the leading apps with the highest iOS penetration for rewarded ads in iOS, and second highest in Android, making AdColony the most popular overall for developers who seek to leverage user-initiated video. Considering how much of a fan most users are of rewarded video, advertisers who want to reach consumers in a good mood should take note!

AdColony also reached Top 5 in In-App Advertising Share of Voice for iOS, and Top 10 In-App Advertising Share of Voice on Android.

Mobbo Rewarded

Some other insights from the report:

  • Surprising no one, PayPal is the most popular Payment SDK on Android with 66% market share
  • AppsFlyer takes the first place as the most popular Attribution SDK with 74% market share on Android and 59% on iOS
  • Crashlytics is the most widely used Crash Reporting SDK on both Android and iOS

The whole Mobbo report dives deep across tons of SDK options. If you’re in the process of building your app and have any question on what to use, the whole report is worth a look.

AppsFlyer Top 10 2018AppsFlyer Performance Index
AppsFlyer is (if you didn’t notice the Mobbo report!) the world’s leading mobile attribution & marketing analytics platform. It regularly delves deep into the best networks and advertising opportunities for mobile.

AdColony landed as a Top 10 Mobile Media Source for branded, Non-Gaming performance advertising, seventh overall for Non-Gaming ROI. We continue to deliver value for all of our performance partners across both the gaming and non-gaming space.

Other highlights from the AppsFlyer Performance Index:

  • In North America, AdColony grabbed the number 4 spot in Casino & Gambling and number 8 in Shopping. We also performed well across other categories, with an amazing overall performance.
  • AdColony broke into the Top 10 Power Ranking or Midcore & Strategy in Greater China, a testament to the great work being done by our Beijing and Shanghai offices.
  • In Western Europe, Casual Gaming, Casino & Gambling and non-gaming Utility all saw AdColony featured in the Top 10 again, with Midcore & Strategy at Number 11.
  • In Southeast Asia, AdColony climbed to the Top 10 Midcore & Strategy and Top 5 in Casino & Gambling.
  • In Eastern Europe, our growing team covering that region pushed AdColony to the Top 10 for every single gaming category.

You can check out the fully interactive and sortable AppsFlyer Performance Index on their website.

Standing Out
How did AdColony continue to stand out in such a crowded field? Transparency.

  • Moat, DoubleVerify, and Integral Ad Science (IAS) integrations for both VAST and VPAID
  • IAS blocking and IAS viewability measurement
  • TAG-certified against fraud

Mobile is an incredibly competitive space, and one advertisers are shifting more and more budget to. As competition between ad networks, advertisers, mediators, attribution services, and viewability measurement tools all continue to ramp, how does a developer choose the right networks to monetize with and an advertiser the right networks to advertise on? Data. Luckily companies like AppsFlyer and Mobbo have made it easier than ever.

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