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Under the Microscope: Mobile Gamers Across the Globe

Posted Oct 9, 2018

Mobile gaming has become one of the biggest pastimes around the world. Whether users are on the bus, train, or hanging out after school or home, in the morning or night, mobile games provide entertainment and relaxation and are part of the daily routine for billions worldwide.

Having conducted research on mobile gamers in specific regions, AdColony decided to take a broader view of mobile gaming users around the world, with its global Under the Microscope Survey.

Here are some highlights from the survey:

  • Smartphones are preferred — 55% of respondents prefer to play mobile games on their smartphone, another 30% prefer their tablet, and 15% play on both devices equally.
  • Mobile gamers play long & play often — 59% of respondents play games on their device several times a day. From those who play daily, 34% play 5 times or more per day. Typical gaming sessions run for 60 minutes or more!
  • Late night gaming sessions rank supreme — Almost half of the respondents prefer to play games between 8 pm and midnight.
  • Variety is key — 70% of respondents have between 1 and 6 games installed on their smartphone. Action, adventure, strategy, and puzzle games are only a few of the top types of games played.
  • App store rating matters — 63% of respondents look at app store ratings when choosing a mobile game to download. Recommendations from family and friends and device storage space come next.
  • Mobile games make users happy — 70% of respondents feel very happy or happy while playing mobile games.
  • Gamers aren’t always focused — Occasionally, mobile gamers like to watch TV while playing. Other times, they’re laser-focused on the game. Regardless of the situation, engaging visuals and features are important.
  • User-Initiated, Rewarded video is essential — 80% of gamers prefer to watch video ads for extra lives or in-game content.

Check out the infographic for more great insights into mobile gamers across the globe below!


Click the image for a full-size version!

Want to know more? Download the research results here!

About the Study
The AdColony Under the Microscope Survey was distributed globally and asked users about their habits and preferences in regards to mobile games. The majority of respondents were between 18 and 44 years old.

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