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Mobile Monday: Time to Talk about Holiday Shopping

Posted Oct 15, 2018

It’s that time of year again. It may not feel like it (it’s not even Halloween yet!), but retailers, e-commerce sites, and advertisers are all ready for the holiday shopping season to begin in earnest. What you may not know is just how important mobile will be for shoppers this gift-buying season. We’ve got a few stats to discuss this Mobile Monday!

SalesForce Speaks
SalesForce has A LOT of data points to digest, so when they do a study, it’s a safe bet it’s accurate. When it comes to Holiday shopping this year, the company predicts mobile will grow by 19 percent, accounting for 68 percent of all e-commerce traffic this season. That’s a lot of people shopping on their phones! Increased mobile usage for shopping purposes isn’t just about buying — it’s about the right time, right place. SalesForce’s study indicates mobile traffic share will hit a peak on Christmas Eve when shoppers will turn to their phones to make a whopping 72 percent of all visits and 54 percent of orders relative to desktop. If your site or app isn’t mobile friendly, it could hurt a lot this year.

According to RetailDive, the real money will come in during Cyber Week, which begins on November 20th. That week, 40% of all digital revenue will be spent, with two-thirds of that number starting as a mobile interaction.

Digital Week Holiday Shopping

More Data? More Data.
We’re not quite ready to share the results of our own holiday shopping mobile research yet, but we can give you a preview!

  • Those users making purchases online are most likely to be using a phone.
  • Almost 4/5 of respondents would purchase something on their mobile device directly from an ad if the product were relevant to them
  • The most important thing when it comes to digital shopping is an easy-to-navigate app/online store and an easy payment/transaction process, no matter the time of year!

That’s not all the insights we’ll have, so stay tuned for the full survey results soon!

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