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Mobile Monday: Munich’s IDnow & Microsoft’s Acquisition

Posted Oct 29, 2018

It’s no secret that tech is a part of every industry. It’s only continuing to improve and grow in terms of capability. Munich’s IDnow is making authentication and verification even easier than ever before.

Authentication with IDnow
Getting authentication for legal or financial reasons just got easier, with IDnow. All you need is a smartphone and your selfie-taking skills to tackle fraud. This technology particularly appeals to mobile-based financial startups, but is also targeted towards auto, crypto, insurance and telecom companies. IDnow was founded in Munich in 2014 and its main product is called IDnow Autoldent. Users simply take a selfie and the AI-powered algorithms search through different databases and verify the person’s identity against government-issued IDs from 193 countries.

But this wasn’t an easy product to create, having to factor in lighting issues, differences in operating systems, camera quality, and more. Companies also have the option to add on an extra layer of verification through a video chat with an agent. IDnow’s goal is to make complicated processes easier, and that’s why their technology has also been made to be directly built into third-party apps.

Microsoft Acquires GitHub
It’s official. Microsoft has finally closed its $7.5 billion deal to acquire GitHub. With the new acquisition also comes a new CEO, Nat Friedman, who was the previous CEO of Xamarin. After the cofounder of GitHub announced last August that he would be stepping down, the search was on for a new lead.

GitHub is one of Microsoft’s five biggest acquisitions, and comes after LinkedIn, Skype, and the Nokia mobile phone. This acquisition is a part of Microsoft’s efforts to get closer to the developer community and they plan to continue running GitHub as its own entity.

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