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Mobile Monday: Alexa’s New Notification & Spotify’s Beta App

Posted Nov 5, 2018

You found your new favorite artist and you can’t wait for their next album to drop. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone alerted you the minute the album went live? In this case, it’s not someone, it’s something. Amazon’s Alexa to be exact, and its latest feature is something that makes our lives a whole lot sweeter.

Alexa’s New Notification
Alexa’s New Release Notification was announced in September, but it’s finally available for all customers in the U.S. This features allows you to follow artists and get notified every time a new song or album is available on Amazon Music. All you have to do is say “Alexa, follow <an artist> on Amazon Music” or “Alexa, let me know when <an artist> has new music.”

Don’t know the artist? No problem. While the song is playing, you can simply tell Alexa to “follow this artist” or let you know when “this artist has a new album.” The New Release Notification is not only available on the voice assistant, but it’s also available on iOS, Android, and the Apple Music Web Player.

Spotify’s Beta App
Spotify is taking on Apple Music with the launch of its beta Spotify app for the Apple Watch. This app has been distributed to public beta testers via Apple’s TestFlight service and is equipped with playback controls, a recently played list, shuffle option, and an audio input select feature.

With this app, users can stream audio, but unfortunately they can’t store songs on the Apple Watch just yet. This is a drawback considering the fact that Apple Music allows its users to hold music directly on the Apple Watch. However, since the Spotify app for the Apple Watch is still in its early stages, consumers can expect to see improvements and changes coming soon.

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