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Mobile Monday: China’s Hottest Game Categories & React vs Native

Posted Nov 26, 2018

How exactly do developers weigh the benefits of certain coding languages? BusinessOfApps has a fascinating guide we’ll take a quick overview of this Monday before looking at the hottest gaming genres in China during this time of growth!

What’s in a Language?
New ideas for apps are thought up every day, and while many developers may have spent last Thursday discussing why their aunt’s idea for an app wasn’t feasible or realistic, many ideas are worth exploring. One of the first questions to answer in that process? How to code your app!

Dedicated Developers, one of the top-rated web and mobile app development partners, published a guest post on BusinessOfApps recently that runs down the pros and cons of React Native and native coding, as well as familiar examples of both.


The two methods may share the word native, but there are some serious differences! In a nutshell, React Native, developed by Facebook in 2015, is more or less platform agnostic. If your app is going to be an Android and an iOS app, there’s a huge time-saving benefit to using React Native.

A Native app means it was created using a specific language for a target platform, such as Objective C for iOS or Java for Android. Native apps are known for delivering fast performance and taking advantage of platform-specific integrations.

Check out the full article and think about it before starting work on that Turkey-fueled idea!

China’s Top Gaming Genres
The team at Mintegral, one of our DSP and SSP partners in Asia, spent some time analyzing recent reports from NewZoo, Niko Partners, TalkingData, and more on the opportunities within China and the game categories where advertisers and publishers can see the most impact for their Yuan. The extensive blog post dives deep.


The most popular category? Casual games. In a region where mid-core and hard-core get a lot of attention, the history of casual games in China helps it maintain the position as the most popular genre overall, but role-playing games aren’t far behind…

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