AdColonized: Getting to Know Jenny Wallen

Posted Dec 6, 2018

Meet Jenny Wallen, Sr. Account Manager in Berlin! From meeting with clients to collaborating with the Growth, Creative, and Business Intelligence teams, Jenny has a full and productive schedule. She holds a degree in Business and Marketing and loves the gaming industry. During her free time, you can find Jenny training for Ironman, trying out the latest eateries, and jamming to hits from the 80s. Jenny, it’s time to get you AdColonized!

What exactly does a Sr. Account Manager do at AdColony? What’s an average day like for you?
I manage some of AdColony’s top clients based out of EMEA, making sure their campaigns run smoothly on our network, proposing the best campaign setup for success all while understanding their targets and requirements. As account managers, we work closely with the Growth, Creative and BI teams to ensure the success of our clients and roll out new initiatives. An average day will include optimization requests and suggestions, analysis and reporting of campaign performance and offering insights to the clients. We also call and meet up with our clients regularly to make sure we’re always in sync.

Tell us a little about your experiences prior to joining AdColony & how they have prepared you for your role here.
I moved from Stockholm to Berlin in 2011 after obtaining my degree in Business & Marketing. I started working in the affiliate marketing space as an account manager and was from the start focused on the gaming industry. My focus went from web games to mobile games as the mobile industry grew, and it’s been very interesting to see how much more sophisticated the industry has become over the years. As this was happening it was very clear for me that I wanted to join a company like AdColony that could deliver real value to its clients. It was the perfect fit as I had already worked with many of the same clients and I understood what challenges they were facing.

What makes AdColony the right fit for you?
The people. The product is important (and this is something I highly value having been on the blind network side), but it’s the people that make it fun to come to work everyday. I also consider myself  lucky to be working with such nice clients.

AdColony values employee development. How do you keep growing & learning in what you do?
AdColony keeps developing and introducing new initiatives, and as account managers we are responsible for presenting and implementing them with our client base. This keeps it interesting and we learn something from every test that we do.

How do you act as a resource for the rest of your team?
I oversee two great account managers in Berlin and seek to share my knowledge and help them out when needed as best as I can. I’m also not afraid to carry a bigger workload to help out the wider team.

What are your hobbies or activities that you look forward to doing on the weekends or after work?
Sports and food. I’ve been into endurance training for some years now (mostly running), got into triathlons in the past year and did my first Half Ironman this summer. I liked it so much that I’m now training for a full-distance Ironman planned for July next year. This is taking up quite a big chunk of my free time but I love the challenge! I’m also a foodie. With all the training I’m constantly hungry and love going out for dinner and drinks and discovering new restaurants. There are new ones popping up in Berlin all the time.  Finally I love spending cosy evenings at home with my better half and our black pug Winston – he’s the sweetest and cuddliest dog there is.

Which app is keeping you engaged lately? Why?
TrainingPeaks: helps me plan all my training, track my fitness level and holds me accountable. Also Strava for a motivational boost.

Tell us one or two fun facts about you.
When I graduated high school I spoke better French than Swedish (my mother tongue), as in all the slang and expressions. This is because I lived in Belgium for a few years and then continued in a French school back in Sweden all the way till I graduated. I then went on to do my Business studies in Stockholm and then moved to Germany, so my French is now sadly terrible.

What is your favorite moment you’ve had with the AdColony team so far?
There have been many great moments, but a recent one was an Oktoberfest evening we had when our latest team member in Berlin had just joined. We did our best to give her a great German welcome as a start to her new life in Berlin.

What are you listening to lately? (music, podcasts, etc.)
Mostly upbeat music that will keep me motivated during my runs or rides – lately a lot of 80s and 90s music ever since those playlists were recommended to me on Spotify a month or so ago – so much happy or nostalgic music. I’m also a big fan of real crime podcasts and triathlon/running related ones.

What are you looking forward to most in the next 5 years?
Right now definitely taking part and (fingers crossed) finishing my first Ironman next year!

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