Getting Ready for The Big Game

Posted Jan 24, 2019

The big game is just around the corner and football fans are gearing up for one of the most anticipated shows of the season. The event this year will be held on Sunday, February 3rd at 6:30pm ET at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

Curious about learning more about the fans who tune in, AdColony distributed a survey surrounding this major game — and the results are worth noting!

Highlights from the Study

  • Viewership Leans Older — 83% of viewers are between 35 and 74 years old.
  • Both Men & Women Enjoy the Show — The survey revealed an almost even split between male and female viewership.
  • TV is the Dominant Device — 87% of respondents watch the big game on their TV. Connected TV (12%) and smartphones (7%) come in as alternate choices, with some people watching on multiple devices at once!
  • Viewers Tend to be Hardcore Fans — 60% of those who watch the big game also watch football game broadcasts every week or multiple times per week.
  • Multiple Devices Aren’t a Necessity — Although some will watch the show on several devices, 42% find it not important or not at all important to keep up with the game on multiple devices.
  • Viewers Love to Multitask — During the big game, general consumers typically text (39%), browse social media apps (39%), and browse sports apps (24%). Football fans specifically will most frequently browse gaming apps (16%), news/sports apps (15%), and social media apps (14%).
  • Viewers Don’t Rewatch Ads — Although 12% claim to look up ads they saw during the big game and watch it again, 51% find it somewhat unlikely, very unlikely, or absolutely not likely to look up an ad aired.
  • Party Plans Haven’t Been Made — Half of consumers are not planning on hosting a party during the game but 32% may and 18% will. Regardless, there’s still time to change your mind!
  • Mobile Devices & Party Planning — In terms of party planning, mobile devices are primarily used for grocery shopping (25%), making or sharing invites (18%), and food delivery or catering (16%).

Check out the infographic with all the survey highlights below!

About the Study
This survey was distributed globally and garnered over 400 responses, with a large portion of participants in North America. It asked consumers ranging from 14 years old to over 75 about their behaviors, viewership frequency, and device usage related to the big game.

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