Under the Microscope: Mobile Gaming in Germany

Posted Feb 13, 2019

More and more brands are deciding to invest their ad dollars in mobile, but specifically mobile games. Why? Because mobile games have a large and diverse audience, and they’re eager to engage with content on their screen.

Interested in learning more about gamers from different regions, we conducted another survey in our Under the Microscope series. Our previous post looked into mobile gamers in New Zealand. Now, we’re taking a look at the results from Germany:

Highlights from Germany

  • 57% of mobile gamers in Germany are male
  • 32% of German users play games on their device several times per day
  • Typical gaming sessions occur between 4pm and 8pm
  • 42% look at App Store ratings to choose a mobile game to download
  • Top types of games played include action, casino, strategy, and trivia
  • 65% selected “home” as the location they typically play mobile games
  • 71% prefer to watch video ads for extra lives and/or in-game content

Check out the infographic for more great insights into mobile gamers in Germany below!

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