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Award Preview: AdColony Mixx TR Wins

Posted Mar 1, 2019

At this year’s IAB Mixx Awards, AdColony brought home four wins for campaigns throughout 2018! We’d say we’re used to it by now, but winning awards never gets old. This year, the ceremony was hosted on February 21st, 2019 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Istanbul.


Doritos Jurassic World

Doritos came together with an iconic long-awaited movie, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. To announce the partnership and give consumers the opportunity to win a trip to Costa Rica, Doritos and AdColony designed an impressive ad. While the video played, using haptic technology, consumers’ mobile devices would vibrate as dinosaurs ran wildly towards them while breaking their screen. At the end of the video, with 360 technology, users experienced the island to the fullest, via a virtual tour. The Doritos ad smashed all the scores and reached more than 1 million completed views.

Category: Marketing within a Mobile Gaming Environment

Bronze MIXX
Category: Mobile Rich Media Display Ads

Doritos Cool and Hot

To explain the adventurous spirit of Doritos Cool and Hot, a 360 interactive video ad was created. The ad features people riding a twisting and turning rollercoaster that teases the senses with the hot then cool nature of eating Doritos themselves. The Doritos ad lets users engage with the video itself by tilting their devices to explore the surrounding environment. As a result, users engaged with the video more than 3 million times. The average attention score was calculated at 87%!

Silver MIXX
Category: Interactive Video Ads

Bronze MIXX
Category: Mobile Rich Media Display Ads (Yes, we’re more than just video!)

About Mixx Awards TÜRKİYE
Mixx Awards TÜRKİYE recognizes and celebrates the best mobile ad campaigns of the previous year. MIXX (Marketing and Interactive Excellence) Awards is an international competition that rewards brands that produce unmatched, creative work in the digital marketing communication industry. The MIXX Awards is unique in that it is the only the only digital competition that evaluates ads from strategy, creative and return on investment (ROI) success.

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