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Mobile Monday: The GDC Dust Settles

Posted Mar 25, 2019

The dust has settled on GDC 2019. It was a show to remember, with a larger show floor than previous years and more mobile games and apps than ever, the show was a success for attendees, speakers, and for AdColony! We’ve got a quick wrap of the week’s mobile news and more this week.

AdColony GDC 2019 2AdColony’s Great GDC
A roomful of GDC (Game Developers Conference) attendees intently focused on the topic of advanced mediation in the Looking Past The Waterfall panel, led by our very own David Pokress, EVP of Global Publishing. Waterfalls, header bidding, RTB, programmatic, direct… all was up for discussion – and decisions by publishers.

This particular discussion about monetization models brought together leaders from Rovio, Fyber, MoPub (Twitter) and Pubmatic. No one ever felt the traditional waterfall session was transparent, and there was an impression it wasn’t 100% fair. “We as an industry need to make publishers comfortable with the level of transparency in their demand channels,” Corrado concluded. “We must close the loop on transparency between buyers and sellers.”

We’ll have a more in-depth breakdown on the session later this week! WIt was so good, we’ve got A LOT of notes to pore over! Stay tuned!

Our meeting rooms were packed this year all day! We also closed the week out with an excellent party at B Restaurant above Moscone Center. If you didn’t make it, you missed out, but be assured we’ll be back next year! AdColony GDC 2019

Google’s Streaming Gaming Gambit
Last week at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Google announced the launch of Stadia. Stadia is a streaming service that removes consoles and GPUs from gaming and replaces them with smart TVs, tablets, phones, or any computer – anything with a Chrome browser and an Internet connection.

GDC 2019 StadiaWith its innovative wifi controller supposedly eliminating input lag, Google is poised to change gaming in the go, but it’s aimed squarely at console and PC gamers, though Android mobile devices will be able to act as screens for Stadia. Streaming gaming has been tried before (OnLive, GameStop’s Spawn Labs) and the final product just wasn’t quite there. Will Google solve the latency and speed issues?

Time will tell. Google’s announcement was short on technical details (odd for a Game Developer Conference — GDC is about as inside baseball as one can get!) and only a single game was announced, but we expect more at E3!

Google wasn’t alone though. Microsoft also made a push on making Xbox Live features available for mobile apps, and the show had more mobile apps than ever one the floor. The future is mobile, and it’s also programmatic. We’re getting ready for the year of mobile gaming and mobile advertising to have their best year yet.

And don’t forget, Apple is announcing something oh, about right now.

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