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Mobile Monday: More In-App Ads Means More Conversions

Posted Apr 1, 2019

If you were putting a product on store shelves, with some very minor exceptions, you’d want them on as many store shelves as possible, right? Then why limit your mobile ads to just a few target apps? Research from programmatic bidding platform Appreciate shows that you shouldn’t. We’re going to dig into that, as well as travel and transportation app usage outside the home this Mobile Monday!

Mobile Ads GraphicIn-App Ads Benefit from Being in More Apps
Makes sense, right? Ads in more places get better conversion rates. According to research from Appreciate, advertisers who ran in-app ads across a wider range of app publishers noted a higher number of conversions. Run a campaign across five to seven app categories, and you should see 45% higher engagement rates than those in just one to four app categories according to the study. The report highlights that mobile commerce campaigns as well, and those with seven to 11 creatives resulted in 128.6% more installs than campaigns with four or fewer creatives.

“Historically, we’ve seen that e-commerce campaigns with more diverse types of creative performed better, but that trend was even stronger this holiday season. In other categories, most notably games, entertainment, and utilities, the number of different creatives plays a smaller factor,” explained Shiri Lahat, VP Client Success North America for Appreciate.

Context Matters
We keep saying it, but one can’t repeat it enough; engagement is a key strategy for app marketers but keeping users engaged while their traveling or on-the-go can be a challenge. New research by Connecthings, based on the responses by 1,000 US smartphone users, the moment when people are more likely to use transportation and travel apps is when they are leaving home. 

It may seem obvious, but targeting those consumers can yield results for the sorts of things they might need during travel. Keeping engagement high in these situations also means being mindful of customer preferences. For 32% of respondents, being at a club, bar, or dining establishment makes them more apt to use transportation apps. However, just 5% said they would want to receive notifications from such apps in that situation. People know if they need a Lyft or Uber.

Transportation Survey

Baby boomers are also more likely to be “self-sufficient” and travel without using any apps (33%) and so are generally less likely to use travel apps when leaving home (41%). Context also varies strongly across generations. Boomers prefer using travel apps during inclement weather; Gen X pulls up travel apps at transit hubs like train stations and airport.

For more details, check out the full report.

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