Under The Microscope: Mobile Gaming in France

Posted Apr 23, 2019

Widespread adoption of smartphones has made gaming a mainstream pastime across the globe. With a worldwide audience, advertisers are spending billions to promote their brands on mobile games. There are so many regions to reach but it is important to understand their individual preferences and habits. This week we are delving into mobile gaming in France.

In our Under the Microscope series, we survey mobile gamers in various regions to see the common threads and differences across audiences. Our most recent entry in the series looked into mobile players in Japan. Now, we’re taking a look at the results from France:

Highlights from France

  • 54% of mobile gamers in France are male
  • 45% of French users play games on their device several times per day
  • Typical gaming sessions occur in the late afternoon or evening (4:00 pm and 8:00 pm)
  • 38% look at mobile ads for mobile games to download
  • Top types of games played include adventure, card, action, and puzzle
  • 62% selected “home” as the location they typically play mobile games
  • 80% prefer to watch video ads for extra lives and/or in-game content

See our infographic below for more insights into the community of French mobile gamers. Click infographic for the full-size version.


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