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Mobile Monday: Users Process Mobile Ads in Less Than Half a Second

Posted Jun 10, 2019

With so much digital content, consumers’ have learned to process information faster than ever, but they’re also moving the focus of their attention faster too. Research has found that advertisers have less than half a second to make an impact with consumers on mobile ads. Meanwhile, a report reveals the playing and spending habits of millennials. Read on for all the details in this week’s Mobile Monday!

First Impressions Are Everything
Mobile Marketing Association revealed research findings that stated the human brain only needs less than half a second to engage with a mobile advertisement and to trigger a positive or negative response. The organization conducted a study with neuroscience research firm Neurons Inc. regarding mobile cognition in order to understand how consumers process information in a mobile environment.

According to the study, consumers took 0.4 seconds to process 67% of tested ads in mobile formats. For ads shown on desktops, it took two to three seconds for people to emotionally react. Additionally, video ads were twice as likely to create an emotional response than display ads in less than 0.7 seconds.

The eye-opening research has prompted brands to re-consider their creative strategies. Cognitive processes are faster for recognizable brands than they are for unknown ones. While that might be an advantage for major names, they also should keep in mind that weaker ads tend to fail faster as well.

Chipotle is one of the brands that is examining their current strategies and focusing on making sure the first moments of their video campaigns are as strong and engaging as can be.

Millennials: The First Generation of Lifelong Gamers
SuperData Research released a report that indicated that 70% of millennials in North America play mobile games at least once a month. The marketing intelligence company produced the study, Millennials on Millennials: Gaming Media Consumption, to examine the behaviors and demographics of the age group that is on track to be the first generation of lifelong gamers. The report also stated that the cohort spends an average of $112 per month in general.

While the study is primarily focused on gamers aged 22 to 38, there are some insights into the preferences of Gen Z and Gen X gamers. Mobile is the preferred format for the three generations with 73% of Gen Z and 81% of Gen X respondents saying they play mobile games at least once a month. A significant amount of Gen Z and millennials still play on consoles while only 29% of Gen Xers said they use that format.

While gaming has become increasingly popular for all age groups, millennials are at the forefront of its development. Many are now deep into adulthood and have been playing video games for their entire lives, giving them the spending power that advertisers and brands need to continue to watch.

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