AdColonized: Getting to Know Demet Özyazı

Posted Jun 13, 2019

Meet Demet Özyazı, our Interactive Designer based in Istanbul! As a part of the Creative team, Demet creates designs based on clients’ requests for mobile platforms. In her free time, she enjoys dancing with her team, listening to electronic music, and traveling with her fiancé. Read on to learn more about Demet!

What exactly does an Interactive Designer do at AdColony? What’s an average day like for you?
As an Interactive Designer at AdColony, I am responsible for creating new designs and interactive interfaces according to the design principles. An average day for me includes receiving cases from account managers, understanding needs & requirements, planning designs according to client’s requests & styles and transforming them into user-focused and intuitive interfaces for mobile platforms.

When we talk about interactive designs, first we think of the creativity part, but usually, the most crucial part is the deadlines. Strategy and logic play an important role in delivering deadlines. In my opinion, designing is not only creating new stuff but also bringing the right solutions for the right time. Of course, each one of us in the team has a unique style. Sometimes it can be seen as we all doing the same thing, however, everyone plays a different part like colors 🙂 But for everyone in the team, a whole day consists of being creative, bringing new ideas and working in a funny way.

Tell us a little about your experiences prior to joining AdColony & how they have prepared you for your role here.
My major in university was Communication & Design. I have been always working as part-time during school or full-time in summer since the beginning of university. I worked for a digital agency before AdColony to learn the design principles and improve myself as a designer. Yeah, I can say that one prepared me for the role here. In my senior year, I started AdColony as an intern, and it’s been two years.

What makes AdColony the right fit for you?
I really enjoy the relaxed working environment and the friendly discipline in the company. It fits exactly for me. I love the balance between company events and the intense work tempo. The culture gives me the opportunity to work with young, energetic and professional people.

AdColony values employee development. How do you keep growing & learning in what you do?
I agree with this statement. AdColony gives great importance to the demands and thoughts of its employees. Also, it supports personal growth. As an example, I attended a Creative festival in Dubai this year. In addition to that, every individual in the team helps each other all the time, discusses new design patterns, ideas and follows digital developments in the sector.

How do you act as a resource for the rest of your team?
I am always trying to be helpful and cheerful for my team. Delivering solutions in a helpful and positive way as a team is important even if you do not know the way to the solution. I believe that everything can be solved as long as we are positive and constructive. 🙂

Is there someone you turn to personally or professionally?
I usually go to my big sister and my fiancé for help in my personal life. At work, my teammates are always happy to help.

What are your hobbies or activities that you look forward to doing on the weekends or after work?
I am known for eating different foods and my travels with my fiancé. We are food addicts 😀 I am always open to try different tastes and go to interesting destinations.

Which app is keeping you engaged lately? Why?
Unfortunately, it’s Instagram. I am using “unfortunately” because I tend to waste lots of time there. Observing the social lives of famous people and friends is my thing. I think I really like gossiping 😀

Tell us one or two fun facts about you.
I really tried to find an answer for this question but no luck 🙁

What is your favorite moment you’ve had with the AdColony team so far?
Almost every Friday after work, we go downstairs to the lounge area in the office to listen to some good music and hang out. Everyone (especially me) starts with “I won’t stay too long today”, but somehow we all stay and dance until the night. One of these nights, I was really tired from dancing but my colleague, Melek got me up and we continued to dance. I always remember that memory with a smile on my face.

What are you listening to lately (music, podcasts, etc.)?
My music taste changes from day to day. Lately, I am listening to my two playlists on Spotify.  One of them has more electronic music, and the other has chill songs. Recently, I am addicted to “Bad Guy” from Billie Eilish.

What are you looking forward to most in the next 5 years?
I am excited about marriage, traveling to lots of different countries and trying unique local foods in the next 5 years. And my plan for my career is to shape design trends other than to just keeping up with them.

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