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Rewarded Video: Monetization Through Engagement

Posted Jun 18, 2019

When considering monetization strategies, app developers look for an advertising solution that will bring in revenue without compromising the user’s experience they’ve spent ages crafting. This is where rewarded video comes in. Rewarded video has proven itself to be a reliable and effective tactic for both advertisers and developers while keeping users engaged. If you’re looking to elevate your monetization, we have the reasons why you should adopt rewarded video and how to integrate it into your app.

What is rewarded video?
Rewarded video allows developers to give a user a reward in exchange for a watching an ad. In mobile games, this could be an extra life, in-game currency, or an extended free trial.

Prettygreat Games wanted to monetize their Land Sliders game in a natural and non-intrusive way, so we worked with them to integrate rewarded video into the app. First, a “Continue” option with a countdown is presented to the user on the game over screen. After tapping “Continue,” the player will view the video ad through completion. They are then brought back where they left off with scores and stats intact.

Why should you feature rewarded video in your app?

  • Give the People What They Want The latest edition of our Under the Microscope survey revealed that a strong majority of gamers (88%) in the United States prefer to watch video ads for extra lives or in-game content rather than pay money for them (6%). Rewarded video doesn’t dampen user experience because users feel more in control and view it as a value exchange they can benefit from.
  • Keep Advertisers Happy Since the user isn’t rewarded unless the ad is viewed completely, completion rates will increase and brands will gain more exposure for their ad spend. Because users are opting in, rewarded video ads can deliver more valuable metrics to an advertiser like better engagement results, rather than just impressions. Higher engagement and completion rates will keep advertisers satisfied and willing to invest more in mobile ads in your app.
  • Users Will Return High user retention rates can be attained because players will want to return to a game that will give them the chance to easily earn currency or hints by watching an ad. Players will also stay on the app longer if they are offered additional lives resulting in longer session times.
  • Increased Ad Revenue Rewarded video has been proven to increase both overall ad revenue and eCPMs after its implementation. Our case study for Pretty Great showed a 5.5x increase in ad revenue and resulted in a 15% higher average eCPM.

How can you integrate rewarded video into your app?
If you’re ready to start monetizing through rewarded video, sign up for our Advanced Monetization Program (AMP). We’re currently offering publishers 100 percent revenue share for 90 days, a 15 percent user acquisition credit, and up to 10 percent bonus on first position waterfall deals. Set your app live with AdColony by June 30, 2019 (hurry!) and an account manager will assist you in setting up a rewarded video campaign, in addition to these exclusive incentives.

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