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Hitting the Road with Mobile Apps

Posted Jun 20, 2019

School is finally out, so it’s time to enjoy the break with a road trip. Before hitting the road, there are several factors to consider while planning a trip. What are travelers most concerned about when planning a road trip and how do they spend their time on the trip? AdColony’s 2019 Summer Road Trip Survey looks at how mobile apps are being used before and during a road trip.

This second edition of the Summer Road Trip Survey provides insights on consumer behavior pertaining to travel plans and how technology comes into play before and during the actual trip.

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Highlights of the Study

  • It’s all about having fun.
    Consumers are more likely to use their phones to find fun activities than plan accommodations. Additionally, travelers’ top concern is finding fun things to do on their road trip.
  • Concern for coverage rises.
    Since the survey’s first edition in 2017, travelers’ concern for cell/data coverage en route has increased by 7%. This growing concern could be due to a dependence on using phones for navigation and entertainment on the road.
  • Social media usage on the road drops with age.
    38% of respondents 25 to 34 years old use social media during a road trip versus 10% of respondents 65 to 74 years old. Instagram and Snapchat stories have been primarily popular with younger audiences who post with more immediacy in contrast to Facebook users who typically post later.
  • Mobile games are for everyone.
    Consumers across all age groups preferred to play games on mobile devices rather than use social media while on a road trip. Advertisers can potentially reach family members from different generations at the same time.
  • Millennials are expert multitaskers.
    Results showed that on the road, millennials juggle an average of 4 activities at once, the most out of the various age ranges. So what are the implications for mobile publishers and advertisers? Content catered to this age group should be snappy, engaging, & entertaining to prevent them from losing interest.

Check out the infographic below for more great insights and click here to download the full report!

Summer Road Trip Survey Infographic

About the Study
The AdColony Summer Road Trip Survey asked global consumers a short series of easy-to-answer questions about travel plans, revealing a generous amount regarding traveling concerns and patterns of behavior when on the road in a variety of age groups.

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Respondent Profile
There was a good mix of respondents, with the gender distribution being 56% male, 41% female, 1% other, and 2% declining to state. A majority of respondents were 25 to 34 years old (20%). The survey had a global reach, with 41% of respondents in North America, 34% in Asia-Pacific,13% in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, and 12% in Central and South America.

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