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Partner Spotlight: Singular

Posted Jun 21, 2019

With so many platforms and technologies at their fingertips, marketers have more data than ever before. Hundreds of sources can produce siloed datasets that may seem impossible to track or analyze. Our marketing intelligence partner, Singular, unifies campaign data, and unlike other mobile attribution providers, gives a complete view of marketing performance down to the user-level. And to help marketers achieve success in a privacy-safe world, we’re proud to be integrated with Singular’s SKAdNetwork solution to provide complete, accurate, and secure marketing measurement in iOS 14.

We spoke to our friends at Singular about their unified platform, their predictions for the mobile space, and what makes their team so unique. Read on to get to know Singular!

Why did Singular enter the mobile space in the first place?
Singular entered the mobile space to address one of the biggest challenges marketers face – unifying and standardizing campaign data across every marketing source at the most granular levels to scale performance.

What services does your company provide to mobile publishers and/or advertisers?
Today, Singular offers the industry’s leading marketing intelligence platform, bringing together campaign analytics and attribution data to uncover ROI down to the publisher, keyword, and creative level. Our comprehensive suite of offerings include mobile app fraud prevention, creative analytics, ad monetization, audience management, and more!

How has Singular grown alongside mobile? How was your 2018?
We’ve grown immensely since we began and we currently track over $10B in annual marketing spend. We’re proud to say that 50% of the top 100 apps use Singular. In 2018, only 15% of apps switched attribution providers, yet 20 of the largest global publishers switched to Singular.

How do Singular’s services make life easier for mobile publishers and/or advertisers?
Singular was built to address the most complex marketing stacks and solve for the biggest marketing challenges in the industry. With offices in San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv, Bangalore, and Seoul, we offer dedicated 24/7 support to ensure the success of world-class marketing teams on a global level.

Why is it important for publishers and/or advertisers to utilize services such as yours?
Our vision is to be an all-encompassing solution for publishers and advertisers worldwide, providing the intelligent insights needed to drive growth across any business. We are working with the best and brightest marketers and hundreds of technology partners to invest in solutions that adapt and grow with the ever-changing ecosystem.

What is the number one example of your tools/services enabling mobile publisher and/or advertiser success?
A stellar example was when our client, DGN Games, hit the jackpot with 85% growth. The social casino gaming company needed to aggressively scale their UA efforts while maintaining a profitable ROI. Their team leveraged Singular to automatically aggregate, standardize, and analyze their campaign analytics across all of their apps and 10+ media sources in a single platform. They were able to expose valuable insights, such as publisher level ROI, which enabled faster and smarter optimizations. As a result, they were able to achieve 85% year-over-year growth, become the #1 fastest growing social casino game, and save their team 15 hours per week.

Singular’s unified platform is one of the most important pieces in a lot of mobile marketers’ toolkits. What was the process of development like, and how did Singular discover the need for such a powerful one-stop tool?
In 2014, Singular came to be as a result of working with marketers (and as marketers) who suffered from a serious challenge around data. We recognized the ugly truth about every team’s marketing stack. CMOs are using an average of 27 different software solutions, each solving for a particular use-case: some for paid acquisition, others for analytics and attribution, others for warehousing, and some for lifecycle and CRM.

If you think of simple tasks – even the simple question of understanding your ROI – this alone requires you to connect dozens of these systems together including paid and organic channels, attribution, and analytics, just to build the journey.

We created Singular, to help marketers control their data, so they can optimize ROI across every single marketing activity. We provide the infrastructure that connects data from each silo. We standardize the naming conventions to map every dimension of data from each source for side-by-side analysis. Additionally, we combine datasets to provide actionable insights all the way down to creative level performance.

Where do you see mobile heading in the short term (2-3 years) and long term (5 years and longer)?
Mobile is the convergence point for all of our technology, and your phone will soon be the only essential item when you walk out the door, consolidating functions for information, connection, entertainment, payments, access, and identity.

In the long term, the functions remain the same but get instantiated in new devices. For some, that will be smart glasses. At first, they’ll be hybrid devices relying on phones for intelligence, connectivity, and processing, but over time they, like smartwatches already largely have, will become standalone devices that some will use as replacements for smartphones.

How do you see the shift from traditional forms of entertainment and utility (TV and desktop usage) to a more mobile-focused world impacting Singular’s partners and clients?
The big screen on the wall isn’t going away. Rather, we’re seeing blended experiences: watching Netflix on your phone, on your laptop, on your TV. The intelligence is increasingly in the cloud while small local apps provide playback and user selection. The resulting data improves the experience on every platform.

Customer acquisition in this new streaming world is challenging. There’s tons of competition and with Disney+ that is only going to increase. But mobile presents a massive opportunity for publishers and entertainment companies here.

It’s where your audience is. It has well-defined marketing models that are easily measured and optimized. It’s easy for consumers to bring a new subscription from mobile to their smart TV or desktop. Google, for example, enables smart and safe log-ins to YouTube on Apple TV without a password.

What industry trend or development are you most excited about in the near-term, and why?
I think there are some very exciting developments underfoot within the marketing industry that build privacy into marketing measurement. It’s kind of the holy grail … Stay tuned to Singular for more on this shortly!

Tell us more about Singular UNIFY!
UNIFY is the growth marketing summit of the summer. Just completing its second year, we bring together the biggest innovators in growth marketing for thought-provoking conversations.

This is not your usual conference. At UNIFY, you’ll walk away with valuable learnings, make genuine connections, and enjoy an immersive experience complete with unique dining, luxurious accommodations, and gorgeous amenities at the 5-star Hotel Villagio.

How big is your team, and how would you describe them?
We currently have 150+ team members across 6 offices around the globe. We’re an elite team of visionaries, entrepreneurs, marketers, technologists, and data fiends with a track record of success. We learn together, laugh together, and accomplish big things together. Driven by our shared vision, we are an unstoppable force.

Keeping up with Singular
Singular keeps everyone informed on their Twitter @TweetSingular and Facebook. Follow them to keep up with all their news, thought leadership, and events!

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