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Mobile Monday: Why Brands Should Try Rewarded Video, Fyber’s New FairBid Platform

Posted Aug 12, 2019

When it comes to mobile advertising, brands are always concerned with increased efficiency and revenue, and so are developers. One of our trusted partners, Fyber, has launched the latest version of its mediation platform for mobile game developers and advertisers alike to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, brands are learning how to best serve engaging ads to mobile gamers as they play throughout the day. Read all about it in this week’s Mobile Monday!

How Brands Can Keep Mobile Gamers Engaged All Day
In the second part of AdColony’s sponsored series on Digiday, we look at the opportunities of targeting mobile gamers as they play throughout the day. Advertisers are still learning how to serve their audiences engaging ads through gaming. It starts with understanding who users are. The rise of casual games has helped broaden the demographics of frequent mobile gamers. Although most users play games several times a day, the majority of them do not identify themselves as “gamers.” Brands need to keep this in mind the next time they hesitate to advertise in mobile games because they think the audience is too niche.

Beyond who are playing mobile games, it is also important to study when and where they are playing. Gabrielle Heyman, head of global ad sales at game developer Zynga, points out that people are playing several times a day including when they wake up, during a break at work, on their commute, and before they fall asleep. Additionally, rewarded video is a worthwhile tactic for increased engagement from users. This type of ad offers a reward such as in-game currency or an extra life after a user watches a full video ad. Rewarded video ads in mobile games can be mutually beneficial for advertisers and players who voluntarily choose to consume the ad content.

Fyber’s New Platform Streamlines App Bidding
App monetization firm, Fyber has introduced FairBid, their new ad mediation platform. The platform utilizes streamlined auction technology for app bidding in order to be a fully-fledged mobile monetization platform. This comes more than a year after releasing FairBid’s first incarnation, in which AdColony was a partner for the beta launch. The company says this new version is the most significant launch in its 10-year history.

Automation is one of the key features in the Fairbid platform as mobile game publishers can customize ad experiences using either a waterfall setup or a real-time unified auction.  Server-side programmatic demand sources and programmatic mediation buyers (including AdColony) can bid in real-time with committed eCPM bids. To further customize ad experiences, the platform allows developers to add apps, create and configure app placements, and manage demand sources. Fyber says this is just the beginning for the FairBid platform and is planning to release updates in the weeks to come.

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