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Telkom Creative Showcase Header

Creative Showcase: Telkom

Posted Aug 15, 2019

In this edition of the Creative Showcase, we’re seeing how AdColony Aurora HD Video™ with interactive elements can take a simple recharge on a prepaid phone to the next level for engagement and enjoyment by the mobile consumer.

How it Worked
In partnership with AdColony, Telkom South Africa served 30-second video ads to its target audiences that educated viewers that they could get more for their money when recharging their Telkom prepaid SIM card in local stores. The video showed a young male in a corner store buying a mobile voucher, then walking out and using the code to add more value to his phone. The graphical text overlay showed how he can choose from a “FreeMe Bundle” (e.g., 16GB for R100, or US$6.60/UK£5.50) after entering *180# on his phone. 

The key element is how the “*180#” is presented in the ad: 4 empty boxes appear on the bottom of the video ad as a graphical overlay, and the symbols and letters float on the screen. The user drags them into the boxes as the video plays in the background, showing many activities of the user in the backdrop. “More likes… more memes…more YouTube and free WhatsApp,” indicates that when the user recharges and gets the extra airtime, they will experience a richer, fuller, more connected life

At the end of the ad, an interactive end card relays the tagline again, reinforcing the idea of “getting more,” and includes a button to discover more information about it. On the right side of the screen, the user can scroll right to left through the different bundle options, so they can see what’s available to them before buying. They can even tap on any of those screens to open up a full comparison chart, thus serving the logical buyer who wants to know all of the details of each bundle.

Watch a summary of full ad and campaign here: 

Why it Worked
Telkom already had a program in place called “Telkom More,” which offers consumers more for their money: Airtime is doubled each time the card is recharged with R5 or more (US$0.33) and can be used for anything, such as calls, data, SMS, and MMS. The company is already making clear efforts to give its customers more value than they pay for. This campaign was a clear demonstration of its commitment to include additional value and reward users for taking action to recharge. 

Additionally, the youthful elements of driving a car, dancing in a club, etc. in the video showed users an aspirational lifestyle that they, too, would have, once recharging and thus connecting to their friends, both online and offline. Providing the bundle choices and making it clear that the user can customize their recharge based on what they value most, and how they want to use the value, also showed how Telkom is ready to serve their customers what they want when they want it. 

Nivasha Pillay, Digital Media Lead for Telkom SA at media agency Vizeum, says: “Working with AdColony to bring to life our interactive video for Telkom Summer was both daunting and exciting. Mostly because it breaks the norm around what we do as a brand, and pushes our boundaries. The results were phenomenal and we are super proud of the work which was done as it hit our KPIs out of the park in the first three weeks.” 

About the Campaign
Telkom introduced the campaign concept, “Z’kipha more” as the universal tagline of its summer campaign that ran across all digital channels, reaching millions of consumers in its core markets. In Zulu, “zakipha” – abbreviated as “z’kipha” – is a common word/phrase that means “it’s happening,” and the series of videos and ad executions all show an aspirational youthful lifestyle, full of activities, friends, music, and fun. The sub-tagline, “Get more than just data,” supports the campaign concept that with Telkom, you’re getting more than just a consumer product or service, you’re getting the life experiences and positive emotions that you are really after. With the mobile video, Telkom reached consumers at the exact place that they would use to have those connections and create those experiences – on their phone. 

About Telkom South Africa
Telkom South Africa is Africa’s largest integrated communications company, providing integrated communications solutions to an entire range of mobile, home, and business customers. It operates in more than 38 countries with services such as ADSL, Fiber, wireless broadband, and mobile phone plans, including affordable prepaid mobile SIM cards. 

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