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Mobile Monday: What Gets An Ad Noticed, Consumer Perception of Brand Safety

Posted Aug 19, 2019

As people experience multiple ads throughout their day, they have habitually found ways to ignore them. Advertisers need to ensure that the ads they are putting time and resources into are being noticed by their target customers. We look at an informative report that reveals what gets an ad noticed by consumers. Meanwhile, a survey on brand safety suggests that a brand’s sales could be affected if their ads were seen next to dangerous content. Read all the details in this week’s Mobile Monday!

Consumers Respond to Ads That Match Interests
Aki Technologies’ recent report, Mobile Ad Context Report 2019, revealed survey findings on the factors that have the greatest impact on users’ likelihood to engage with an ad. Participants were asked when they are most likely to notice or tap on an ad and the top result by significant margins for both questions was when the ad matched the consumer’s general interests. After that, mood, current activity, and the theme of the app content were shown as almost equally relevant. The lowest ranked choice was location, suggesting ads can still be effective no matter where a user is located. 

As expected, games and social networking were the most popular apps with music, entertainment, weather, and shopping apps not too far behind. A majority of respondents stated that they download only free apps (73%), while very few (3%) download paid apps, and about a quarter of users download both types (24%). While brands often put greater value on paid app media, 63% of respondents said that paid apps were equal in terms of quality, relevance, and impact. Aki’s research gives insights beneficial to brands looking to optimize their mobile advertising strategies to be as effective as possible.

Advertising Next to Dangerous Content Can Affect Sales
A survey conducted by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and Brand Safety Institute (BSI) revealed that more than 80% of consumers would reduce or stop buying a product if it was advertised next to “extreme or dangerous content.” A majority of respondents said that advertisers should prevent their ads from running near hate speech, violent content, and drug-related content. The study shows the potential financial impact on sales if a brand advertises near these types of material.

A staggering 90% of respondents said it was very or somewhat important for advertisers to avoid serving ads around dangerous, offensive, or inappropriate content. When it comes to brand safety, survey participants did not just place responsibility on the advertiser. At least 60% assigned responsibility to ad agencies and website owners in addition to the brand. It is clear that consumers have become more conscious of the reputations of brands they spend money on. Advertisers need to take an active approach to place ads in brand-safe environments and working with partners who demonstrate their efforts in providing that. 

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