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Go All In With SDK 4

Posted Sep 23, 2019

AdColony is pleased to announce that SDK 4 is officially available for download! The latest version brings together our industry-leading HD video ad platform with display and programmatic offerings in a single SDK. Additionally, we’ve added IAB Open Measurement to existing viewability integrations for advertiser transparency. By offering an all-in-one ad solution, developers have more monetization options while advertisers receive more measurement options. Learn more about SDK 4’s new features below!

Full Suite of Monetization Options Including Display
Aurora™ HD Video, Aurora™ Playable, Instant-Play™ HD Video, and full-screen interstitial offerings can now be partnered with IAB smartphone banner, medium rectangle (MREC), skyscraper, and leaderboard display options. By bringing all of this to a single, unified SDK, mobile app developers now have better access to diversified demand.

Transparency with Open Measurement
SDK 4 also includes the IAB’s Open Measurement standard to further increase transparency with advertisers. The standard was created to develop a scalable solution that minimizes code used to provide data to measurement providers. Moving viewability and measurement integrations into a single part of the SDK will make integration smoother for developers and allow for more measurement options in the future, without requiring additional SDK releases.

Adobe Air Extension and Adapters for Mediation Are on the Way
An Adobe Air extension, as well as adapters for mediation partners, will be released in the coming weeks. The latest SDK is currently available for Apple iOS, Google Android, and Unity Engine. Despite being a full version number release, AdColony SDK 4 is a drag-and-drop update for developers already using the company’s 3.0 SDK or newer, bringing all these features to you with ease.

Ready to go all in with SDK 4? Download the new SDK today!

About SDK 4
The latest version of the AdColony SDK offers numerous improvements, including various display options, IAB’s Open Measurement, and more. Learn more about the SDK and visit the AdColony Github to integrate today.

Reach out to your account manager or our support team if you have any questions!

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