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Mobile Monday: Games and APAC Lead Worldwide Mobile Growth

Posted Oct 14, 2019

Although iPhone sales have slowed down in the last year, tons of apps have seen continued growth as users across the globe become more and more mobile-savvy. A recent report from Adjust charted growth and retention for apps released in 2018 and revealed that Asia-Pacific is the fastest-growing region. Additionally, gaming apps continue to dominate as the leading app category. Read all about it in this week’s Mobile Monday!

Worldwide Growth in Apps Boosted by Asia-Pacific
Adjust, our partner in mobile measurement, released its inaugural Mobile Growth Map report which uses their Growth Score to indicate the rate of growth that apps gain from installs vs. their monthly active user base. According to Adjust’s data, Vietnam, Thailand, and Brazil had the highest Growth Scores. Three of the top five Growth Scores come from countries in the Asia-Pacific region, making it the fastest-growing region.

The report showcased Indonesia as one of the main contributors to apps’ rapid growth. App Annie‘s research found that Indonesian users are spending four hours on average on apps — the most per day. This high usage is due to the country’s interest in gaming, video, and streaming services. Additionally, nearly half (42%) of the population of Indonesia is under 24. This age group is particularly drawn to gaming apps, which has the highest Growth Score in the country. As a mobile-first generation, the youth of Indonesia is boosting the rise of mobile apps in both the country and the region.

Gaming is the Leading App Category
Gaming achieved much higher Growth scores overall than other verticals, averaging at 43. The category accounts for 33% of installs, 10% of time spent and 74% of consumer spend. Mobile games, hypercasual in particular, are leading the charge of innovation in monetization. Furthermore, access to smartphone technology and increased bandwidth has provided audiences with both engaging experiences.

When it comes to gaming, South America rules as the leading growth region, with four of the top five fastest-growing countries located there. Growth is the slowest in mature markets such as the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Japan. Because games still perform well in these countries, this suggests that those audiences are more content with their current games as oppose to finding new ones.

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