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AdColony Mobile Network Infographic 2019

Posted Dec 18, 2019

With mobile games being the best place for today’s advertisers to connect with consumers and with one of the largest in-app presences amongst the top Apps Store and Google Play apps, we here at AdColony are able to surmise a lot about general user behavior and trends by looking at the ad requests we see from those apps. We dug into user behavior and device profiles to see how consumers connect, what devices are most popular, and more. We’ve organized all of this information in one handy infographic!

Samsung and Apple Are the Device Kings
This year, Samsung surpassed Apple as the largest single manufacturer on our network, with Apple a few percentage points behind and others like Huwaei, RedMi, Oppo, and Motorola bringing up the rear and a ton of others far behind.

But that’s not the whole story! Samsung devices dropped in and out of our devices throughout the year. The Korean tech juggernaut’s constant refresh cycle and a device catalog that spans everything from “free” phones given away by carriers worldwide, to the top of the line Galaxy phones mean Samsung owners swap devices and they swap them A LOT.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, released last year, didn’t crack the top 5 of our devices but their trajectory looks to match the other iPhones. The iPhone 8 jumped up from 6th last year to 3rd this year. With strong build-quality and Apple’s long-tail software support better than ever, even after a couple of high-profile snafus, Apple owners keep their phones for a while.

Samsung’s strength in numbers this year was again pushed by the J7 Prime, a device popular with pay-as-you-go and flexible carriers like Metro by T-Mobile (formerly MetroPCS).

It’s clear that many consumers are using and monetizing on older devices. The iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8, released in 2016 and 2017 respectively, both had strong showings for monetization, as did the iPhone 6, released in 2015!

Evenings are Mobile Primetime
Once people wake up in the morning, mobile device usage rises steadily as the day goes on. Lunchtime to about 3 pm marks the high point, whilst the commute home from work and school creates a shallow drop into the evening, as those consumers diving deep on public transport in some regions are offset by those driving in others.

There’s an uptick as we approach midnight and into the wee hours of the morning too, as night-owls plug away at their favorite mobile games and apps, even while their loved ones might be asleep!

There’s tons of information on how consumers are engaging with their devices in the full infographic, including connectivity methods, additional device breakdowns, and more.

Check out the whole infographic below (click for the full-size version!):

About the Data
All figures and data were sourced from the AdColony platform from April through October 2019. Activity and engagement were gauged on ad requests received by ads using the AdColony SDK. All ad requests were analyzed in aggregate and contain no identifying information for individual users or devices.

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