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Mobile Monday: Razer Launches Mobile Gaming Controller, Rainway Debuts App for Playing PC Games on Mobile

Posted Jan 13, 2020

Mobile gaming is becoming the primary way people enjoy their games so companies must innovate to keep up with the changing landscape. Last week two gaming companies announced new products geared toward mobile gamers. Razer introduced a new cloud-gaming controller that will plug directly mobile devices. Meanwhile, Rainway has launched their app for users to play PC games on their Apple products. Get all the details in this week’s Mobile Monday!

Razer Announces Kishi, Their Universal Gaming Controller
Gaming hardware manufacturer, Razer unveiled their Kishi controller, which plugs straight into an Android or iPhone for lower latency and faster response times. The cloud-gaming device is similar to the Nintendo Switch and features two analog sticks on both sides, with a D-pad on the left, and four control buttons on the right. The controller boasts the ability to connect directly to a mobile device’s charging port (unlike wireless Bluetooth controllers) which will have an instant button response time.

Razer made Kishi’s introduction at CES in Las Vegas last week. “Razer mobile gaming controllers are perfect complementary devices to enhance this type of gameplay which we are pleased to feature here at the Razer CES booth,” said Jason Schwartz, the company’s head of mobile gaming. A release date was not announced but Razer said the universal game controller would be available in early 2020. Pricing details were also not released but The Verge reports that an inside source says it will be priced around $100. 

Rainway App Lets Players Enjoy PC Games on iOS Devices
Game streaming company, Rainway announced their app that will allow users to play their PC games on Apple mobile devices. The Rainway app features support for the PlayStation DualShock, Xbox One Controller, MFI controllers, and robust touch controls. The product doesn’t utilize cloud services and instead, the system works peer-to-peer. The app is free and can currently be downloaded from the App Store.

“Our mission is to enable PC gamers around the world to have the gaming experience they desire on any screen. Rainway for iOS is the first of many new products and features we have planned in the pursuit of our mission,” said Andrew Sampson, CEO and co-founder of Rainway. The app seems promising for the gaming audience but Rainway faces stiff competition as the cloud gaming market becomes increasingly overcrowded. Google Stadia launched last November and Microsoft working on Project xCloud while other services are in the works. 

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