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Mobile Monday: Mobile Drives Digital Media Time in the U.K., Nintendo Mobile Games Earn $1 Billion

Posted Feb 3, 2020

Around the world, people are gradually moving away from traditional media and spending more time with digital media. The accessibility of smartphones has made it much more convenient to consume media in digital formats. This week we’ll learn how much time adults in the United Kingdom are spending with digital media daily. We’ll also touch on Nintendo’s mobile games’ recent successes and challenges. Find out more in this week’s Mobile Monday!

Smartphones Gain Increasing Share of Time Spent with Total Media in the U.K.
In 2019, adults in the United Kingdom spent more time with digital media than with traditional media for the first time. Data from eMarketer revealed that U.K. adults spent an average of 5 hours and 16 minutes daily with digital media, which makes up 52% of all media consumption. Previously, the average times spent with digital and traditional media were tied at 5 hours and 3 minutes. Time spent with digital media will continue to grow until 2021 but is expected to eventually plateau.

Growth in digital media consumption is being bolstered by smartphones and smart TVs. U.K. adults spent an average of 2 hours and 16 minutes on their mobile devices every day. Smartphones are expected to exceed 25% in the share of total media time by 2021. Video is also driving the increase of digital media time in the U.K. with adults spending 1 hour and 25 minutes per day. This is a 10.4% increase in comparison to 2018’s numbers. Mobile is leading the pack for digital video consumption with an average of 36 minutes daily, a 7.2% increase from 2018.

Nintendo Mobile Games Generate $1 Billion in Revenue
According to Sensor Tower, Nintendo’s mobile games have made a combined $1 billion in revenue. Fire Emblem: Heroes is the most successful title and accounts for 61% of that total. If it maintains this pace, it could possibly reach $1 billion in early 2021. Other games that contributed to the revenue include Super Mario Run, Mario Kart Tour, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Super Mario Run has the most downloads of the Nintendo mobile games but as a premium game, its lack of in-app transactions limited its money-making capability. 

Nintendo’s mobile games have been most popular in Japan, with the country accounting for 54% of revenues at $581 million. The United States is second with 29% or $316 million. Super Mario Run and Mario Kart Tour make the majority of their money in the U.S., while Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Fire Emblem: Heroes, Dragilia Lost, and Dr. Mario World get most of their revenues in Japan.

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