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What Consumers Expect from Brands

What Consumers Expect from Brands During COVID-19

Posted Mar 19, 2020

As the global outlook on the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has developed, it has become clear that things are unlikely to return to normal quickly. With new cases being reported daily, it is an important time for brands to determine their role and tone of voice. Should they be quiet? Or should they help control the situation by demonstrating understanding and value during these times of social distancing?

Kantar Consulting recently released research to provide updates and insights for brands to manage the impacts of COVID-19 and prepare for the future. As well as the direct impact of the virus, insights from the retail industry, and research on a general recession risk, it also includes detailed analyses of the expectations of consumers from brands. 

Here are some of the important insights from the report:

  • In this period, consumers focus on basic needs and expect brands to supply and deliver them reliably.

When we look at consumer purchasing habits from the moment the COVID-19 pandemic started, we see that they are turning to personal hygiene, health and nutrition, and home cleaning products. However, we can also see the consumption of alcoholic beverages, luxury items, and less “storable” foods like fresh meat and fish products are decreasing. For now.

  • Consumers are thinking about the future as well as their current safety and health.

Consumers are aware of the dangers to their health and safety, as well as the decline in business activity around them, which makes them think about what consequences it may have on health and economy issues if the epidemic gets worse. If you look around on social media, many are suggesting ordering to-go from locally-owned restaurants and businesses to keep them afloat during this time. We highly recommend it! 

  • As consumers become more aware of their health and safety, they expect brands to show the same care, consideration, and social awareness for the services and products they offer. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, consumers will continue to become more conscious and focus on their own health, safety, and immediate needs. At this point, if brands can support the consumers and address consumer concerns on that immediate basic-needs level, they will gain their trust in the long term. 

About Kantar
Kantar was founded in 1992 and characterizes itself as “data, insights and consulting company”. It has more than 30,000 employees working in 100 countries in various research disciplines, including social media monitoring, advertising effectiveness, consumer and shopper behavior, and public opinion. It is part of WPP and its global headquarters are in London, UK. 

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