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Word Game Downloads Increase 12% Globally During Lockdown

Posted May 5, 2020

Although some countries have cautiously started to relax their stay-at-home policies, many countries are still maintaining intensive social distancing and are preparing for a long-term lockdown. Meanwhile, people are looking for something fun, relaxing, and to help kill time while also interacting with their loved ones online and challenging their brains to keep sharp. To accommodate all of these factors, the game they have chosen to play is word games. 

Some people are hesitant to play word games as it is often seen as more educational than fun. However, word games come in many different shapes from classic puzzles to Scrabble to anagrams. Once you get into word games, you might find yourself playing them all day.

Over the last two and a half months while the whole world was affected by COVID-19, we’ve noticed a significant increase in mobile gameplay, especially in the word game genre so we looked into mobile gaming trend data from our trusted data partner, Apptopia.

According to the Apptopia data, from February to April, both the global number of downloads and sessions on word games have exploded by 12.2% and 4.9%, respectively. The surge was more significant in English-speaking regions like North America and countries like the United Kingdom. The number of downloads has hiked up by 18.4% and sessions played have also increased by 5.6% in North America. 

Moreover, it was interesting to see that the sessions of word games in the United Kingdom have risen 7.6% since the COVID-19 situation. Given that the top reasons users from the U.K. play mobile games for fun/enjoyment, relaxation, and exercising the mind (according to AdColony Mobile Gaming Research in the U.K.), the increase in playtime session signifies that users are playing this game multiple times a day over the months to cope with the current situation.

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