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Coronavirus Impact on Music Listening Blog Header

Coronavirus Impact on Music Listening Habits in Turkey

Posted May 12, 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change our way of socializing all over the world, one of the things everyone likes to keep close to themselves is music. Whether it is for relaxation or an at-home workout, we all have certain songs that help us through the hard times. With the digitalization of music, streaming services became the major player in the music industry. Since the start of the outbreak, behaviors and habits shifted drastically, including our music listening.

To gain more insights and analyze the changes in our music listening habits, AdColony surveyed consumers in Turkey about their preferences on music listening during COVID-19 physical distancing and stay-at-home measures. The Coronavirus Impact on Music Listening Habits Survey was distributed to understand daily music listening preferences, music platforms, popular song genres, and consumers’ moods. Respondents’ ages ranged from 18 to 65 and were typically aged 18 to 34.

Check out the highlights from Coronavirus Impact on Music Listening Habits Survey and be sure to download the infographic!

Survey Highlights – Coronavirus Impact on Music Listening Habits

  • More music during lockdown – One of the top activities during COVID-19 lockdown is listening to music. 56% of the respondents are listening to more music during this time.
    Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform –
    48% of the respondents preferred Spotify over other services while listening to music.
  • Music for relaxation – 94% of the respondents said that listening to music during COVID-19 makes them feel more relaxed and happy.
  • Podcasts on the rise – 54% of the respondents stated that from the start of the lockdown they started to listen to more podcasts especially comedy and news genres. (Ask us for our personal recommendations!)
  • Cars in the garage, music at home – Unsurprisingly, 51% of the participants state that they listen to less music in the car, and more music at home.
  • Turkish pop is the most popular genre – The most popular genre of music for Turkish listeners is Turkish Pop with 53% followed by English Pop with 33%.

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Good Vibes Only

About the Study
Coronavirus Impact on Music Listening Habits asked consumers in Turkey a series of questions about their music listening habits and preferences during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey asked about preferred streaming platforms, music genres, and their general approach to music listening. Respondents’ ages ranged from 18 to 65 and were typically aged 18 to 34.

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