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Mobile Monday: Millennials Spend 55 Minutes on Mobile Games Daily, China to Generate 40% of Global Mobile Games Revenue in 2020

Posted Jun 7, 2020

As we’ve seen in previous reports, lockdowns have had a profound impact on how people are using their time. Working from home has eliminated commute times for many and allowed people to spend more time on their mobile devices. A new study found that millennials are spending an average of 30 more minutes on mobile games per day. Meanwhile, China is expected to generate 40% of global mobile gaming revenue by the end of the year. Learn all about it in this week’s Mobile Monday!

Millennials Spend Their Previous Commute Time Playing Mobile Games

According to new research from mobile gaming ad platform POKKT, millennials are now spending an average of 55 minutes playing mobile games every day. This is a significant jump from the previous average of 25 minutes before the coronavirus pandemic. POKKT suggests the additional 30 minutes represents their previous commute time that has been mostly eliminated by working from home.

The report also says that children are also using mobile devices more frequently with a 16% increase since lockdowns. Sessions for children has risen to 40 minutes per day. According to POKKT’s data, game downloads increased 11% per month while active monthly users rose 13% and up to 5 daily sessions. Additionally, they saw a 31% jump in ad requests worldwide because of the increased activity in mobile games.

China Is Expected to Generate $21 billion in Mobile Gaming Revenue

According to data gathered by GoldenCasinoNews, China is expected to generate 40% of global mobile gaming revenue in 2020. The total will reach more than $21 billion, a 6.5% year-on-year growth. As the leading mobile games market in the world, China’s revenue has jumped 50% since 2017. This rapid growth is a result of the surge in the number of people playing mobile games. China had 381 million mobile gamers in 2017 and grew to over 450 million in 2019. Growth is expected to continue as the Chinese mobile gaming market is expected to hit 517 million users this year, a growth of almost 15%.

A Rakuten Insight survey conducted in March revealed that 82% of Chinese gamers use mobile phones for playing online games, making it the most popular device for gaming in the country. The survey also stated that one-third of Chinese gamers play online games daily and another 33% play online games between three to six days per week. Millennials and Gen X represent the major user groups, with 40.5% and 22.7% share, respectively.

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