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Mobile Monday: Mobile Ad Engagement Jumps 15%, GameClub Launches on Android

Posted Jun 21, 2020

Several studies have proven that more time been spent on mobile devices around the world as many communities have been forced to stay indoors. With more time on their smartphones, how are users responding to mobile ads? A report says that in the past few months mobile ad engagement has risen 15% as the coronavirus pandemic disrupted usage habits for U.S. consumers. Meanwhile, GameClub has launched its subscription service on Android. Get all the details in this week’s Mobile Monday!

Mobile Ad Engagement Rises 15% During Pandemic

According to research from MobileFuse, mobile ad engagement has jumped 15% in the past few months. The levels remain somewhat elevated, but numbers could go down as people leave their homes more often and spend less time on their mobile devices. Engagement for people ages 18 to 34 rose to a high of 0.77% in April before falling to 0.72% in May but was the highest among generational groups.

Women’s level of engagement has ranged from 0.48% to 0.67% throughout different stages of lockdowns. On the other hand, men are catching up with a rate of 0.52% as the economy begins to reopen. Lower-income and higher-income households are showing record levels of engagement, while middle-income households are a bit behind. Additionally, rural and suburban areas have shown higher engagement rates than urban areas,

GameClub Brings Subscription Service to Android

GameClub, the mobile gaming subscription service, is now available for Android after launching on iOS last year. The service costs $5 per month after a free trial and houses more than 120 classic titles. “Subscription is a healthier and less expensive way to enjoy games, eliminating the oppressive ads and loot boxes that define so-called free-to-play,” said GameClub CEO Dan Sherman, “GameClub is the only service that brings these benefits to the entire world of iOS and Android gamers. We’re expanding our offering to deliver affordable, skill-based entertainment to gamers everywhere, on nearly any mobile phone or tablet.”

The launch of GameClub comes at a time when the industry is largely made up of free-to-play games but a few gaming subscription services have been launched in the past few years. Google Play launched in 2008 while Apple launched Arcade last September. While subscription services are convenient for avid mobile gamers, it will still need to catch up with titles with in-game advertising in terms of revenue and popularity.

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