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App Install Marketers Measure Performance

How App Install Marketers Measure Campaign Performance

Posted Jun 30, 2020

The key to running a successful user acquisition campaign goes far beyond just the creative execution. App install marketers have to constantly sift through data to modify campaigns and further optimize them. With so many metrics at hand, it’s easy to get lost in a data dump.

To better understand the effectiveness of UA campaigns, we asked publishers about the metrics they use to measure campaign performance. The AdColony App Install Marketing Survey provides insights, benchmarks, and trends from marketers regarding their strategies and results for user acquisition. Check out some of the results from the top app publishers.

Price is most important when evaluating performance. The majority of respondents (71%) said price (CPI, CPC, CPCV, etc.) was the most important factor when evaluating an ad network and UA campaigns. Other highly rated factors are quality of acquired users, volume, targeting capabilities, and level of service from the ad network.

Outcome-oriented pricing models dominate. When given several pricing models, cost per install (CPI) was chosen as the metric UA marketers work with most often. CPI leads at 38% ahead of cost per action (CPA) at 16% and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) at 14%.

Targeting location and operating systems are the most important for maximizing the performance of UA campaigns. App install marketers regarded geography and OS as the top targeting parameters used to optimize campaigns. These factors were rated higher than age, gender, and device types.

D7 and D30 are the most valued retention rates. When calculating return on ad spend (ROAS), D7 and D30 were the top retention rates used by marketers. 20% of respondents said they D1 the most valuable.

About the Study
The AdColony App Install Marketing Survey was distributed globally and garnered responses from 120+ app developers. The survey asked respondents 38 questions regarding their strategies and results for user acquisition. Topics include budget allocation, most effective methods, and UA campaign plans for 2020. 

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