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Creative Showcase Algida

Creative Showcase: Algida Maraş Usulü Iftar Countdown

Posted Jul 5, 2020

In this Creative Showcase, we’re looking at Algida’s Ramadan campaign in Turkey where the well-known ice cream brand reached potential customers with customized content specific to different Turkish cities to let them know about the local iftar time (when those observing Ramadan could break their daily fast) while giving them an opportunity to order the ice cream directly. 

About the Campaign

Ramadan is one of the most important seasons for Muslims the world over. Large tables filled with delicious food for the iftar is always followed by delicious desserts. Years in which Ramadan falls during the summer months, ice cream is an essential part of the breaking of the daily fast. 

To better understand mobile behavior, AdColony surveyed consumers in Turkey about mobile usage during Ramadan. The highlights of that study showed that 32% of respondents are spending more time on their smartphones during Ramadan. Most importantly, 66% have purchased something on their mobile device directly from an advertisement and 86% said they would purchase something on their mobile device directly from an ad if the product was relevant to them.

Knowing these insights, Algida partnered with AdColony’s Turkish team to present an advantage to their potential customers while communicating their traditional ice cream Algida Maraş Usulü. 

How it Worked

Algida reached their target audience in different Turkish cities and showed them customized Dynamic End Cards, to communicate the iftar time while giving them a chance of ordering the product directly.

During sensitive times and special periods like Ramadan, users are expecting to get information or benefit from the ads they watch. Knowing this, Algida reached them with customized AdColony-crafted creatives for different cities, showing how much time is left until they can break their fast at iftar. 

As the iftar time changes every day according to sunset, Algida also provided a benefit to their potential customers with the Dynamic Calendar feature. Consumers can add the iftar time to the native calendar of their mobile devices and receive notifications as that time approaches. This doesn’t just work for the day the user adds to their calendar but with the dynamic feature, users also received notifications until the end of Ramadan. This gives them an additional advantage because instead of checking the iftar time from elsewhere they will receive native notifications daily. The advantage of these additional messaging to Algida is the chance of reaching their potential customers again and again during this special month. 

The “Add to Calendar” feature was enhanced with a Quick Order option, which gave customers easy access to the product. Due to the pandemic and social isolation, the use of home delivery services in Turkey and elsewhere has increased drastically. Algida partnered with popular Turkish delivery services Getir and Banabi to allow their customers to order the ice cream before iftar and prepare for a celebration in the best possible manner even though they cannot come together with their loved ones like on a usual Ramadan month.

The deep-linking allowed consumers to be led directly to the mobile application so that the sales funnel is shorter, creating a better user experience. 

Why it Worked

Algida reached more than 500,000 unique users with a completion rate of 96%. All users who completed the video were presented with the Dynamic End Card where users engaged more than 20,000 times. The unique engagement rate was calculated as 52% and users spent 6.3 more seconds on average on the Dynamic End Card. 92% of the engagements were from the Add to Calendar feature, and 8% came from orders. 

According to the Nielsen-certified brand study results, Algida managed to have 81.6% uplift on ad recall, which shows that the users who have watched the ad from AdColony tended to remember the ad even after two weeks. On Brand Consideration, Algida has an 18.8% uplift rate, showing strong feelings about the Algida brand, thanks to the gallery DEC execution highlighting the ice cream. There was also a 5.8% uplift in purchase intent, which indicates that the campaign has affected users’ tendency to buy the product. 

About Algida Maraş Usulü
Algida Maraş Usulü is a local jewel of Algida, the number one ice cream brand in Turkey. This authentic brand is well-known with its milky flavor, creamy texture, and elongating and stretchy consistency which is mostly sold in tub form. It is believed that Algida Maraş Usulü brings three generations together around one table with its familiar & beloved taste and brings joy to all. As a local brand, owning all local & traditional occasions when families get together, like bairams, is very crucial for the brand’s strategy. Taking this into consideration, every year the brand brings up ideas to life to enable this purpose.

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