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iOS 14 — Developer & Publisher Update

Posted Jul 15, 2020

We’ve been listening to our clients and partners for a few weeks now, and wanted to address some of the questions we’ve been hearing most frequently around the changes coming to the mobile app ecosystem this Fall with iOS 14’s public release. Read on for more information. 

Rumors of the total deprecation of the IDFA by Apple may have been exaggerated, but the changes Apple announced to its identifier for advertisers will cause shifts in how developers monetize their apps, and the ads users see in them. 

What does AdColony think about Apple’s changes in iOS 14?
AdColony is committed to ensuring business continuity entirely within Apple’s guidelines for our publishers and advertisers when iOS 14 releases to the public this Fall, including all of our DSP and SSP partners. 

We’re in constant communication with all of our partners to ensure that no matter the nature of our partnership, business will continue uninterrupted when iOS 14 launches later this year. 

What are the impacts of iOS 14?
By far the most significant impact of iOS 14’s changes for the mobile app and mobile advertising industries are the changes to privacy. The biggest user-facing change as part of Apple’s new approach to privacy is that users will be prompted with a simple prompt asking them to opt-in on an app-by-app basis. 

For more information on exactly how this change works, we suggest our full explanation elsewhere on our blog.

Do you expect any API changes in your SDK?
There will be an SDK update associated with iOS 14. We will provide publishers with all necessary documentation for implementing our iOS 14-compatible SDK when it releases. Be sure to check Github and our support portal. 

When do you expect to have an iOS 14 compatible SDK for us to update?
We are committed to providing iOS 14 compatible SDK as soon as possible and aim to have it ready by August 30th — well before we predict iOS 14 launches to the public. If you’re a developer who would like to have a conversation about integrating our current beta SDK for testing, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].

Does AdColony plan on supporting SKAdNetwork?
AdColony is committed to supporting SKAdNetwork and we are already registered with Apple. 

How this will impact our operations with AdColony and what critical changes does it involve?
Business continuity is our number one priority, but as a publisher, you’ll need to integrate our ad network ID into your app’s info.plist to ensure a smooth transition. Our ad network ID will be provided via documentation soon. 

Any requirements for developers will be communicated both on the AdColony portal, our support page, and Github. Our account managers will also reach out via email, and we’ll share critical updates on our blog and in our newsletters.

Do you have any documentation or links related to SDK updates?
We encourage you to stay subscribed to our Github as a developer. 

Do you have any estimates for how this will impact my monetization performance with AdColony?
There are a number of factors that contribute to publisher eCPMs, and iOS 14 changes go beyond privacy. Due to these changes, AdColony is unable to make any revenue projections related to iOS 14. 

Will AdColony ads still function without an opt-in?
Yes. However, publishers may see differences in monetization KPIs when showing advertisements to users who do not provide opt-in consent. 

How will this impact our operations and what critical changes are involved and does AdColony have any specific thoughts regarding consent flow like GDPR, CCPA?
AdColony requires that clients and partners follow all applicable laws. It is the publisher’s responsibility to obtain and pass consent to AdColony. AdColony is unable to offer legal advice to our clients and partners and we encourage publishers to seek a professional legal opinion on GDPR, CCPA, etc. 

AdColony’s SDK contains a fully functional consent API with support for GDPR, CCPA, and other consent flags from developers who choose to take advantage of it. We also extend opt-out, do not track, do not process, and data requests from end-users regardless of where in the world they live via our privacy policy. More information on our consumer-friendly approach to privacy can be found on our Consumer Privacy page

Next Time…
Check back soon for additional FAQs on iOS 14.

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