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Publisher Spotlight: Unico Studio

Posted Aug 14, 2020

When we think of our childhood, we all have a memory of the joy of putting together puzzles. As we grow older, perhaps in the physical sense, we have fewer opportunities to sit down and complete a puzzle. Puzzle games that are constantly emerging in the mobile environment are bringing joy to both young and old users in a more complex way, where they can complete challenges through increasingly difficult levels! Unico Studio is one of the most important gaming studios in the community that fills this gap in our lives. Shortly after the launch of the title Brain Test: Trick Puzzle, it claimed the number one spot in the US Top Games and hit the top charts in many countries. Unico Studio has recently launched Brain Test 2 and plans to release new titles to double their DAU, revenue, and UA spend through January 2021.

“Creating a product and delivering it to millions of people all over the world has always been a source of inspiration for me. We have over 100 million app downloads for now. We are planning to hit our goal of 500 million downloads next year around this time with our current and upcoming hit titles,” says Erkay Uzun, Unico Studio’s co-founder.

Amazing Team Means Amazing Games

The popularity of hyper-casual games comes from their ability to reach different audiences with the creativity of teams and their harmony when working together.

“Our team is very talented, dedicated, and work very harmoniously. Most of our developers are located in Turkey and Europe. Our own team develops all the content and components of our games. We don’t prefer outsourcing the design and development of our games as we believe that making games requires soul and creativity. Our team members have good communication and complement each other very well,” says Uzun. 

Creating Games

Does easy-to-play mean simple content? “We pay utmost attention to the artistic style and content of our games. As you might have noticed, the Brain Test series has a very unique and distinct style in terms of storyline, graphics and texts, and sounds of the game. Our creative and development team work very hard to produce the best content for our gamers,” answers Uzun.

At this point, Unico Studio uses flexible and blended user acquisition strategies in different advertising channels and SDK networks to provide the growth of its high-quality users. To keep them engaged in their games, they use content updates between levels, daily rewards, and scoreboards methodologies.

“In terms of acquiring high-quality users, so far we’ve seen better results with social media ad networks due to their powerful targeting and big inventory. Nevertheless, we have also acquired high-quality users with action and targeted campaigns on various SDK networks. To keep our users engaged, the first tool we use is content updates. We also give daily rewards in most of our games to encourage players to check in regularly. In some of our titles, we use scoreboards and leader boards to increase user engagement.” he concluded. 

On the monetization side, it is important to find the optimal balance between user satisfaction and monetization performance to get the best results. “We publish casual and hyper-casual games. Therefore, ad revenue has a key place in our monetization strategy along with in-app purchases. It’s very crucial to find the right balance between user experience and need to monetize. That’s why we are more inclined towards the user-initiated ads and ad types that interfere less with the gameplay experience,” adds Uzun. 

What’s Next?

Unico Studio is always looking for better ways to engage audiences with their games. ‘Why would users play a game that I don’t like playing?’ and ‘How can users like our games even more?’ have been two guiding questions along Unico’s publishing journey. “Developing a good game is essential, but delivering it to a large and correct audience is even more important. So, using marketing platforms wisely and setting up a good monetization strategy are crucial for long term success and sustainability. Thus, we work on our prospective games by keeping these lessons in mind,” says Uzun.

There is also good news for fans of their games! Unico Studio is working on several titles, both casual and hyper-casual. “Our fans can expect a new game on the Brain Test series. We also work on new IAP-heavy titles, which will hopefully be in stores this fall. We also continue to develop different word games,” Uzun excitedly adds. 

Keep in Touch with Unico Studio
If you want to be the first one to hear the latest news about Unico Studio, you can follow them on LinkedIn, reach out to them through their website, and check their games on Unico Studio’s Instagram account. 

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