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Creative Showcase: BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

Posted Sep 6, 2020

In this Creative Showcase, we are looking at the engaging BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé campaign in the South African region. With its new model, the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe has proven its superiority in design, while breaking new ground in technology and driving dynamics. Combining AdColony’s Instant Play HD Video and Dynamic End Card technologies with its own technology, BMW launched an excellent mobile advertising campaign in terms of engagement rates and time spent with the users, targeting three different audience groups in South Africa.

About the Campaign
BMW unveiled the new 2020 2 Series Gran Coupe with enhancements that offer consumers an incredible experience: an uncompromising, performance-oriented aesthetic that unmistakably reveals its ambitions. With this new model, BMW wanted to show its potential customers that they prefer to be extravagant rather than elegant, individual rather than conventional, and extraordinary rather than ordinary. BMW also wanted to reach the audience groups who want to make a difference and be different. Thus they have combined the motto “This is option 2!” with an advertising campaign that includes all the features they want to show and were looking to conquer mobile advertising in the crowded automotive space.

How it Worked?
BMW decided to run a video ad campaign that is compatible with its own tech and makes a tremendous impact on mobile in order to create awareness. Not only did they want to promote its high technology and dynamic interior-exterior design but also they wanted to develop trust for their potential customers by introducing driver-oriented driving dynamics.

BMW and AdColony targeted two different audience groups to build the 2 Series Gran Coupe’s diverse target audience which included auto-intenders and premium professionals by showing them customized Dynamic End Card to promote the innovations while giving them a chance of discovering more. 

The campaign reached users on mobile games with high-quality videos using AdColony’s Instant-Play HD Video. The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, used the slogan “You can do things their way or you can do things your way” to assert its uniqueness and then further drives this point by using AdColony’s Dynamic End Card technology.

By using a 360-degree feature, BMW enables its customers to discover the new Gran Coupe in all aspects. In this way, users can turn the vehicle 360 degrees with a single touch and master all of its features. 

With the hotspot buttons, BMW was able to promote all the innovations related to both interior and exterior design. Thus, users were able to access new details about the vehicle with a single tap, as well as get more detailed information, schedule a test drive, or request a purchase by accessing BMW’s site with the “Learn More” button on each opened hotspot tab.

Why it Worked?
BMW reached more than 270,000 unique users with a completion rate of 88%. All users who completed the video were presented with the Dynamic End Card where users engaged more than 45,000 times. The unique engagement rate was calculated as 12% and users spent 8.5 more seconds on average on the Dynamic End Card. The 360 look function was most engaged with 35% of the total engagements. Tap Interior Design came next with 19% and third was the Tap Exterior Design with 12%. Discover More CTA followed with 8%, Interior Illuminated Highlight Hotspot with 7%, Interior Illuminated Highlight Learn More CTA with 6%, and Interior Spaccious Hotspot with 4%.

According to the Nielsen-certified brand study results, BMW managed to have a 42.3% uplift on Ad Recall, which shows that the users who have watched the ad from AdColony tended to remember the ad even after two weeks. On Purchase Intent, BMW had a 15.1% uplift rate, indicating that the campaign has affected users’ intent to purchase a BMW Series Gran Coupe positively thanks to the 360 view DEC execution highlighting both the interior and exterior parts of the car. 

About 2 Series Gran Coupe
The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe has come to set new standards. The 2 Series Gran Coupé is a model of BMW, which aims to create a difference in the crowded automotive space by providing technological autonomy and confidence to its drivers thanks to its new model, which was launched in 2020. It is believed that the new 2 Series Gran Coupé maximizes the driving experience with its high-end technologies, perfectly tuned driving dynamics, and beautiful design. The best companion on the road to being unique!

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