AdColonized: Getting to Know Ahmet Genç

Posted Sep 9, 2020

Meet Ahmet Genç, Head of Client Solutions & Business Growth in our London office! Ahmet draws on his background in customer service to lead a team serving the Northern Europe region. He loves to travel, stay up-to-date with the latest news, and play with his cute puppy! Get to know Ahmet in this week’s AdColonized feature.

What exactly does a Head of Client Solutions & Business Growth, Northern Europe do at AdColony? What’s an average day like for you?

I lead a team of seven covering the Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Turkey markets. My team and I are mainly focused on giving our clients excellent client service while helping our business grow with automation. An average day starts with checking the performance of each country. Then, I focus on helping my team and our local teams troubleshoot issues as well as keeping a close relationship with LinkedIn representatives and our key clients.

Tell us a little about your experiences prior to joining AdColony and how they have prepared you for your role here. 

I joined AdColony four-and-a-half years ago as a fresh graduate. Prior to joining, I worked part-time as an English-to-Turkish translator. It helped me advance my language skills. During my university years, I had many part-time jobs and almost all of them were in the service industry. I learned the importance of customer service and satisfaction thanks to these experiences.

What makes AdColony the right fit for you?

I love my job at AdColony. It enables me to travel very often, work with the biggest companies in the world, connect with industry professionals, and, most importantly, I feel that I’m making an impact and helping our LinkedIn business grow rapidly.

AdColony values employee development. How do you keep growing and learning in what you do?

AdColony offers various initiatives for employees to keep growing. One of these initiatives is a membership to Udemy. I take courses both on Udemy and LinkedIn learning to keep growing and learning. 

How do you act as a resource for the rest of your team?

My door is always open to all of them. We talk on a daily basis and they know that they can write to me about anything. I also try to guide them to become great at what they do. I have to say I’m super lucky to be working with a bunch of motivated, analytical, and promising young professionals.

Is there someone you turn to personally or professionally?

Our GM Volkan Biçer and SVP Mehmet Ayan are the two people that I turn to both professionally and personally. 

Many AdColony employees globally are still working from home. Do you have any work-from-home tips for success you can share?

Working from home obviously gives you more flexibility. The most important thing is to keep doing what you were doing before. So consistency, self-motivation, and time management skills are key for success.

What are your hobbies or activities that you look forward to doing on the weekends or after work?

I like traveling, it has become my number one activity over the past few years. I also love a good walk in the forest near our home. I also enjoy playing tennis, watching football, and teaching my dog Chester new tricks!

Which app is keeping you engaged lately? Why?

Twitter. I just like to be updated with what’s going on in the world.

Tell us one or two fun facts about you.

I have a puppy and he is the most adorable puppy in the world!

What is your favorite moment you’ve had with the AdColony team so far?

I won a personal award at the LinkedIn Partner Conference in 2017. I remember I was very happy and proud.

What are you listening to lately (music, podcasts, etc.)?

Rock classics and new indie songs

What are you looking forward to most in the next 5 years? Pandemic-free world and no travel restrictions. Strong global economy, humans on Mars, AR & VR becoming mainstream, and more exciting technological advancements.

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