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Creative Showcase: Everest Bite Club Optimized Campaign

Posted Oct 18, 2020

In this Creative Showcase, we are looking at Everest’s Bite Club optimized campaign from Greece where the well-known snack and coffee brand reached its target audience with a successful and engaging campaign using a different optimization methodology by AdColony. Everest had the chance to promote its online food delivery application and its new loyalty program by using frequency caps, dayparting selection, and the most effective creative.

About the Campaign

In today’s digital world, it is essential to make the right optimization during the campaign to reach the correct target audience group with the creatives they’d prefer to engage with in order to increase brand awareness and purchase intent. 

AdColony provides a unique optimization technology to its brand advertisers with the “Optimized” product. With this real-time optimization methodology, brand KPI metrics that are usually measured at the end of campaigns can be measured during the campaign. In this way, ad recall, awareness, and purchase uplift metrics are observed while the campaign is running and all optimizations are made in order to increase real brand KPIs. Everest reached their audience with the Optimized product on mobile gaming inventory.

With the Nielsen certified research, they increased their purchase intent by 23.46%. While the campaign was running, the creatives, day parting, frequency, and audience variables were optimized based on the results of the study.

How it Worked?

Everest created four different advertisement videos to deliver the campaign message in the most accurate way to its target audience. In the first week of the campaign, they took the first step to understand which of these four videos was more effective on audiences. According to the results obtained in the first week, the video with detailed information about the offerings of Everest and Bite Club application, and the ingredients of foods and beverages and hotspots used in the Dynamic End Card, was more successful than the other three and provided 63.5% more uplift in terms of Purchase Intent. Thus, for the rest of the campaign, it was decided to continue with this video while checking other variables.

In order to optimize the purchase intent in the second week, the frequency values of the campaign were analyzed. After analyzing the total effect of each frequency, the most effective frequency was decided as Fcap 1 as the campaign can reach the maximum unique user number while optimizing the purchase intent. 19% of the additional uplift was achieved. Thus, the campaign continued to reach its target audience with 1 fcap value and with the copy focusing on the foods and beverages of Everest after the second week.

In the third week, the variable to check was dayparting. As a result of the analysis, it was observed that weekdays achieved better results compared to the weekends. When looking at which times of day it was more effective, it was understood that between 11 AM – 3 PM and 6 PM – 10 PM gave the best performing uplift rates compared to other periods. 18% of the additional uplift was achieved in the third week of optimizations. 

The target audience that is more interested in the brand and campaign message is the last important point of optimization. In terms of gender targeting, male audiences performed slightly better than female audiences. Also, the 18-34 age group performed better than 35-55 for both genders. According to these analyses, it was understood that the male and 18-34 age group was the best performing group for this campaign. Thus, as a result of the optimizations carried out for four weeks, an additional uplift of 23.46% was achieved in the total campaign results verified by Nielsen.

Why it Worked?

After four weeks, Everest could observe the best creative, the most accurate fcap value, the optimum day of the week and time of day, and the correct audience that they should target to reach its audience. At the end of the entire campaign, 18-34 years old male users were found to be the right target audience for future Everest campaigns. After one month, Everest reached more than 950,000 unique users with a completion rate of 92%. All users who completed the video were presented with the Dynamic End Card where users engaged more than 190,000 times. The unique engagement rate was calculated as 86% and the Dynamic End Card engagement rate was calculated as 17.1% where the AdColony benchmark is 3%.

According to the Nielsen-certified Optimized research results, Everest managed to have a 23.46% uplift in Purchase Intent which is higher when compared with the A/B testing results which suggest a 15.95% uplift rate would be achieved if the Optimized methodology wasn’t used.

About Everest

Everest is the ultimate urban meeting point for do-it-your-way sandwiches, fresh salads, delicious snacks, and great coffee. Everest city network outlets operate 24 hours a day serving over 100,000 customers every day. With a history of over 50 years, the brand holds a large footprint in the city network market with central locations in major cities, mainly in Athens & Thessaloniki. It has also developed extensively in the travel industry with numerous points of sale since both the product category range as well as the operational flexibility of the concept, have proven ideal for the development in this demanding market. 

Although the brand is mostly known for its trademark sandwich and innovative pastry products, it has also managed to position itself in the demanding coffee market. It was the first chain in Greece to offer its customers the ability to choose among multiple coffee blends with different taste characteristics positioned at different price points, emphasizing further customization and personalization that is an essential part of the concept’s DNA.

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