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Mobile Monday: Mobile Gaming Increases By Users and Time Spent, Health and Fitness Apps Reach 1.5 Downloads in H1 2020

Posted Nov 1, 2020

The beginning of the year is usually when health and fitness apps see a jump in activity. People have just made their resolutions and are eager to keep with them. With mobile users being forced to stay indoors and avoid gyms, the app category has seen peaks later on in the year. A recent report gives insights into the major growth of health and fitness apps in H1 2020. Meanwhile, mobile gaming has grown higher than expected in users and time spent. Get all the details in this week’s Mobile Monday!

eMarketer Increases Forecasts for Mobile Gaming Growth

eMarketer’s recent data shows that gaming during the pandemic has seen successes in user growth. While they point out that forecasts have only increased moderately, it is happening across types including console, desktop/laptop, and mobile. They previously expected the number of digital gamers to increase by 2% this year but have since updated it to 5%. With more time being spent at home, gaming on desktop/laptop is also growing and the number of users will be up 3.6% this year.

Mobile gaming has also seen some moderate growth. The number of mobile gamers will rise by 5.1% this year to 156.2 million. That total is 3.9 million more than the number eMarketer previously forecasted. Hypercasual games have greatly contributed to this growth because they are easy to learn and can be multitasked with other activities like watching TV. Time spent on mobile games is expected to increase by 3 minutes this year for a daily average of 26 minutes.

Health and Fitness App Downloads Grew 37% During the Pandemic

A newly released report highlighted the significant growth of health and fitness apps in H1 2020. AdColony published its study on this category earlier this year and now Apptopia and Penthera has shared their updated insights on how the pandemic has affected fitness app usage. In order to keep regular workout routines, mobile users installed health and fitness apps over 1.5 billion times during the first half of the year on iOS and Google Play. This represents an almost 6% increase since the year before. Downloads for this category peaked in May and saw a 12.5% increase year-over-year. The start of the year is usually the strongest month for fitness apps because of resolutions but May saw 37% more downloads than January.

Mobile users in the United States were responsible for most of the health and fitness app installs. According to a study by Penthera, 64% of respondents said they are spending more time in their fitness apps compared to last year, especially those between the ages of 18 and 44. Additionally, an overwhelming 95% of respondents said they will continue to use health and fitness apps even after life returns to normal.

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