The Most Wonderful Shopping Season of The Year Has Arrived! EMEA 2020 Edition

Posted Nov 4, 2020

While we are so close to saying goodbye to 2020, we are welcoming 2021 with open arms and a lot of hope. It’s not a big secret that 2020 has been one of the roughest years for everyone around the world and it seems this holiday season will be different than the previous holiday seasons. While countries are going back to quarantine and starting lockdowns again in EMEA, there is only one thing that will affect positively this situation: mobile activity. The upcoming holiday season is expected to continue the upward trend of mobile shopping.

AdColony conducted the Holiday Shopping Survey to take a closer look at consumers’ changing perspectives on buying decisions and preferences together with how mobile shoppers will be preparing for the holidays. This week, we’re looking at the results specifically from the EMEA region, which provides lots of powerful insights that brands and advertisers should pay attention to.

According to our survey that we ran in multiple EMEA markets, when it comes to holiday shopping, 55% of consumers’ top choice for shopping is smartphones which didn’t come as a surprise. During summer where we got more relaxed and started to socialize outdoors, new lockdown rules across the region started. According to our survey, consumers’ top purchases will be clothes, electronics, books, and home goods in this holiday season. Download Holiday Shopping infographics from 10 countries in the EMEA region!

Highlights from the Study:

Most consumers prefer home delivery online shopping. –
48% of the consumers stated that they will order online with a home delivery option while only 33% prefer to shop in-store.

Shopping will be online but exchanging gifts will be in-person. – Despite the ongoing pandemic, 44% of holiday shoppers would rather exchange gifts in person than have the gifts delivered directly to the recipients. Only 23% plan to ship presents straight to their loved ones’ homes even if that could be the easiest and safest option.

The top choice is in-app. – 42% of holiday shoppers chose in-app over a mobile browser.

Mobile ads’ effect on buying decisions. – 50% of the respondents stated that mobile ads have a major effect on their purchase behavior.

See the ad, buy the product. –  How long does it take to purchase the product that you see on the mobile ad? 37% of the respondents buy the product that they relate to a few days after they saw the ad. Also, 48% of the respondents have purchased something on their mobile devices directly from an advertisement.

Check out the infographic below for more great insights and click here to download infographics from 10 countries in the EMEA region! Don’t forget to click on the infographic below to open it full size!

About the Study
The AdColony Holiday Shopping Survey 2020 was distributed in the EMEA region. The survey asked respondents, aged 14 years old to over 75, about their shopping behaviors and preferences during the holiday season, and how their mobile device plays a role in the buying process.

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