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Christmas and Mobile Shopping in APAC

Posted Nov 17, 2020

COVID-19 won’t deter APAC consumers from festive shopping plans as they have no plans to defer shopping for major holidays such as Christmas. 

The global pandemic has shifted most shopping to mobile so we are looking at how consumers plan to use their smartphones while shopping for Christmas. AdColony conducted the Christmas Shopping Survey and asked consumers about their behavior while shopping online, specifically on mobile, leading up to the holiday. Below are some highlights from the survey and don’t forget to download the infographics for more stats!

Impact on Consumers’ Shopping Preferences

Shoppers in Asia-Pacific have demonstrated a preference shift to purchasing more online, with many consumers opting to shop on their smartphones. This year, more than half of consumers in Australia (54%), Malaysia (81%), Philippines (93%), Singapore (67%), and Thailand (91%), are planning to utilize their smartphones to shop for the festive season.

To avoid physical contact and contain the spread of COVID-19, consumers in Australia (83%), Malaysia (89%), Philippines (90%), Singapore (89%) and Thailand (93%), prefer to shop online and have their purchases delivered to their homes, or directly to the recipients’.

It is vital for brands and businesses to provide a seamless shopping experience for consumers when they shop on their mobile devices. 52% of consumers across Asia Pacific expressed that having an easy payment process matters the most to them.

Impact on Purchases

With mass social gatherings and travel restrictions in place across multiple countries to prevent the spread of COVID-19, consumers have shifted the majority of their purchases to clothes, groceries and electronics.

Consumers have a tendency to plan ahead and research more online as they become more savvy and informed before making their purchases. To ensure that they are getting a good deal, 60% of consumers will research for competitive prices, and 58% will look up product reviews.

Check out the infographics below for more great insight and don’t forget to click on the infographics to open it full size!


About the Study
Christmas Shopping Survey reached consumers across Asia-Pacific, including Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand, and asked questions regarding their shopping and mobile gaming preferences during Christmas, and how their mobile device plays a role in the buying process. 

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