Creative Showcase: McDonald’s Regional Brand Trust // Hygiene

Posted Nov 26, 2020

In this Creative Showcase, we are looking at the sound-driven McDonald’s Regional Brand Trust Hygiene campaign, which recently ran in the MENA region. During the ongoing pandemic where people all over the world are still concerned about protecting themselves from exposure, McDonald’s wanted to promote its food delivery with an emphasis on safety and hygiene.

About the Campaign

It’s no surprise that 2020 saw a brand as large and well-known as McDonald’s look to new ways of reaching consumers and delivering a delicious bite of McDonald’s. That’s why McDonald’s turned to AdColony for an engaging campaign in mobile games to reach their target audience in an entertaining way, fitting to their product’s promise, to increase brand awareness and engagement time spent with the brand. 

AdColony designed an engaging sound-driven Audio & Tap mobile creative to entertain the audience in 6 different countries in the Middle East region; Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait with a dual language video in English and Arabic. As a key player in the QSR space, McDonald’s has always emphasized its responsibility towards local communities by being transparent about their food ingredients, and also wanted to show their hygienic environment to their audience through the undeniable power of mobile games.

According to the Nielsen certified data, a huge 28.31% uplift on Purchase Intent indicates that the campaign has impacted users’ purchase tendencies, indicating the campaign has affected users’ preference for McDonald’s over competitors as their next fast food purchase.

How it Worked

After the captivating pre-roll video, McDonald’s covers all the sanitary precautions at their restaurants, especially during the pandemic like using a touchless temperature check (pyrometer), washing hands, wearing face masks, and disinfecting the store, then McDonald’s invites audiences to engage with the ad. 

As the video ended, the Dynamic End Card popped up after the video, allowing users to tap on the icons and compose “hygiene sounds,” combining the sound of scrubbing, washing, wiping, hand sanitizer and more.

With a sound driven campaign, day-to-day safety practices and hygiene measures that the brand takes especially around today’s situation is communicated. Thanks to Audio & Tap executions, the users have their hearing and tactile senses engaged while awaking memories via McDonald’s hygiene sounds. It provided a great experience that was more catchy and enjoyable while drawing attention to hygiene standards. This was a great way for McDoanld’s to engage their potential customers.

Campaign Results

McDonald’s Hygiene campaign achieved outstanding results, delivering more than 360,000 Open and Close Sound Engagements, and the most clicked icon was Mask and Sanitizer Spray. At the same time, the engagement rate of the Dynamic End Card execution was amazingly high  at 47.3% which is almost 5 times higher than the 10% Audio & Tap Dynamic End Card Benchmark.

A 14.09% Multiple Engagement Rate of the Dynamic End Card shows that McDonald’s provided a great experience by being more catchy and enjoyable regarding drawing attention to hygiene standards.

The effects of the campaign were also measured by a Nielsen certified brand study. McDonald’s got 19.31% uplift on ad recall, proving the campaign is memorable. Thanks to the Audio & Tap DEC execution highlighting hygiene and safety standards of McDonald’s, a 76.69% uplift in brand recall was achieved, which shows that the campaign has increased the brand recognition among the target audiences.

About McDonald’s
McDonald’s is a key player in the QSR industry with more than 260,530 restaurants all over the globe, and has always shown responsibility towards its community by being transparent about their food ingredients, the open kitchen policy and the dedicated page on their website “Your Right To Know” to answer any concerns. With the Covid outbreak, the brand felt responsible again to re-assure to their consumers the hygiene and safety measures that are taken in their restaurants.

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