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Mobile Monday: Immersive In-game Ads Considered Key in 2021, 79% of U.S. Consumers Are Gaming

Posted Dec 6, 2020

While mobile gaming and advertising on the platform was huge this year, 2021 is expected to see even more growth. A recent survey conducted revealed that 46% of game developers consider immersive in-game advertising a key opportunity for monetization next year. Meanwhile, a new report says that 79% of American consumers have played a video game in the last month. Get all the details in this week’s Mobile Monday!

In-App Purchases and In-game Advertising Are the Top Monetization Methods

Brand advertising platform AdInMo recently collaborated with on their annual mobile games developer trends survey. In their report, immersive in-game advertising is highlighted as one of the most important monetization tools with 46% of game developers considering it a key opportunity for 2021. It was the second most popular monetization method used at 54%, with in-app purchases on top at 66%.

Interstitials (33%) and rewarded videos (40%) were the most popular ad formats. Additionally, more than a quarter of developers are also keen to test dynamic in-game ads over the coming six months, where banner ads are seamlessly integrated into gameplay with ad units authentic to the player experience. The largest growth is expected to come from casual games with 62% of developers of this category planning to trial immersive banner ads in 2021.

Four of Five U.S. Consumers Have Played Video Games in the Past Six Months

According to a new report from The NPD Group, video game engagement in the United States is up significantly with four of every five U.S. consumers having played a video game in the past six months. The amount of people playing video games in the U.S. has increased 6 points to 79%. Furthermore, their data total time spent has increased by 26% and total spend increased by 33%.

Game engagement is also rising for adults over 45 years of age. Time spent gaming for those between the ages of 45 and 54 have gone up 59% and their dollar spend went up by 76%. Gamers aged 55 to 64 increased time and money spent by 48% and 73%, respectively; and those 65 and older increased time and money spent on gaming by 45% and 29%, respectively. The report also attributed gaming’s strong growth to the mobile due to its accessibility and widening audience.

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