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Brand Safety in North America: Which Channels Users Prefer to Encounter Ads

Posted Dec 16, 2020

When reputation is everything, brands have faced many challenges in the mobile advertising space. In-app is one of the best ways to reach consumers but it can also be hard to keep track of content-wise. Brands are looking for safe environments to serve ads where their content won’t be placed next to inappropriate material that could damage their image.

While inappropriate content can dramatically hinder brand reputation, it’s also important to consider how it can affect perceptions and purchase behavior. That’s why AdColony decided to take a deep dive on brand safety and conducted a user survey on the topic.

The AdColony Brand Safety Survey 2020 was distributed globally and this edition focuses on the United States. Participants’ ages ranged from 18 to 75, and they were typically over 45 years old and skewed female. Scroll down to see the infographic and don’t forget to click it for the full size!

Some highlights from the findings:

  • Mobile users prefer to encounter ads first on Facebook (35%), secondly in Mobile Games (20%), and then on Google (20%).
  • Facebook (67%) and YouTube (26%) are still the top places where consumers are seeing non-brand-safe content, more than the 20% that view it in mobile games. More than half (57%) of those surveyed say this “negatively impacts my perception of the advertiser” to see ads in proximity to this type of content.
  • Mobile games, Instagram, and Snapchat have the lowest incidence of “fake news,” just 14, 9%, and 9% respectively, compared to a whopping 51% on Facebook, 25% on YouTube, and 25% on Google.
  • Most respondents (67%) say seeing an ad alongside Coronavirus content has no impact on their perception of the advertiser. 

About the AdColony Brand Safety Survey
The AdColony Brand Safety Survey asked global consumers questions about their ad preferences and what they observe on various platforms, from Google and mobile games to social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. The survey reveals what consumers see and feel about offensive content and fake news and uncovers key insights about the state of brand safety across platforms.

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