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2020 Ad Reaction & Attention Survey

Posted Dec 21, 2020

How many ads are we exposed to in a day? The average person was exposed to about 500 ads in the 1970s, according to CBS News. Today, this figure is about 5,000 ads! This means that advertisers are in severe competition to promote and market their own apps, products, or services. During this competition, challenges emerge and turn into an important test to pass.

With the proliferation of new products and brands day by day, the demands of advertisers and marketers for the attention of consumers began to increase. The advertisements created and the options for delivering these ads and campaign messages to consumers started to increase. However, consumers also started to develop a “defense system” of their own. They started using technologies that block ads or allow them to watch them that match their preferences.

In this competitive environment, companies need to know the best practices for capturing and retaining consumer attention. There is no universal single approach for this, but what matters most is tailoring advertisements to the appropriate context. 

Ads Consumers Pay Attention to 

Advertising content needs to do two things — engage and persuade. The high pressure for advertisers and marketers to inform their consumers about their products and services can reduce the attention of users and, in other words, “blind them.” The point that should not be forgotten is that today’s consumers will pay significantly more attention to content designed to entertain them.

For ads to succeed, before it does anything else, it needs to attract the consumer’s attention. This task is far more challenging than in the past, as the “initial engagement windows” of people are shorter and more brands compete for attention. If an ad doesn’t hook consumer attention early, it won’t hook them at all. Today’s marketers must think in a two-step model: entertain people to catch their attention; then turn to the promotional needs by supplying relevant information through the right medium and context. 

Let’s dig deeper into the ad reactions of mobile users across AdColony’s network and scroll down to download the infographic for all of the insights! 

Survey Highlights

  • 74% of respondents watch the ads they see on mobile games.
  • Most mobile gamers (65%) watch ad videos to get in-game rewards.
  • Interactive Video Ads are the most preferred ad format for mobile users.
  • 68% would they be willing to touch the screen to engage with an ad.
  • 72% would they be willing to take physical actions on the screen to engage. (For example, shaking or tilting your phone during the video)
  • 65% agree that when they engage with an ad they tend to remember it more

Don’t forget to click on the infographic to open it full size!

Ad Reaction Attention Survey Infographic

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