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Mobile and Car Buying in EMEA

Posted Jan 12, 2021

Around the world, consumers are becoming more dependent on their mobile devices in every aspect. Especially with the start of the pandemic almost a year ago, online shopping skyrocketed to purchase anything from groceries, clothing, cosmetics, and yes even cars. As the usage of mobile is increasing, the relationship between vehicle purchases and mobile usage is inseparable.

AdColony conducted the Car Buying Survey across the EMEA region to analyze consumers’ decision-making, how much mobile devices are used when shopping for a car, and the effects of COVID-19 on car buying plans.
Let’s take a closer look to better understand users’ perspectives around the EMEA region!

Check out highlights from the survey below and don’t forget to download the infographic and full report for all of the insights!

Survey Highlights for EMEA
  • Consumers use a mix of devices to purchase or lease a car. — 51% of consumers use their smartphones the most.
  • Smartphones are considered necessary for many consumers. — 53% of consumers say it is very important or important to have their smartphones with them while shopping for a car while they have different reasons to use it. 63% use their smartphones to compare prices while 59% use them for research car models, specs, etc.
  • Auto ads are effective, especially online. — Car buyers were asked about how they consider and interact with auto ads. More than half of the respondents (65%) said they consider relevant auto ads when shopping for a car. Additionally, 64% said they have clicked on an auto ad while looking for cars online.
  • Researching cars online often leads to a trip to the dealership. — A majority of respondents (44%) said they are very likely or likely to visit a dealership after researching cars online. Marketers should make sure to tie-in a dealer locator to their ads or website.
  • Car buying plans changed for some consumers due to COVID-19. — While many consumers’ plans have not changed, many of them are now interested in buying cars online to avoid visiting dealerships. Some people cite financial issues as the reasons they have changed plans including less money for a down payment and financing needs have changed.

Download the complete Car Buying Survey 2021 Report with insights from 15 countries and regions! 

About the Study
The AdColony Car Buying Survey 2021 was distributed globally and garnered over responses. This report focuses on results from 14 countries in the EMEA region. The survey asked respondents, aged 14 years old to over 75, seventeen questions about their car shopping behavior, dealership visits, device usage, and ad engagement.

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