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Partner Spotlight: MoPub

Posted Feb 18, 2021

Over ten years ago, MoPub was founded with the goal of maximizing growth for publishers with mobile advertising. Since then, they have grown into a leader in the mobile industry delivering growth for developers through monetization and connecting brands with high-quality mobile audiences. We are excited to be working with MoPub in order to boost monetization efforts and prime audiences for AdColony clients.

We caught up with our friends at MoPub to learn more about what they offer, their outlook on the future of the mobile industry, and their partnership with Twitter. Get to know them better!

Why did MoPub enter the mobile space in the first place?

Since the beginning, MoPub’s mission has been to maximize revenue for the world’s mobile publishers and developers. In 2010, MoPub was founded with the goal of making mobile advertising work for publishers: specifically, making it easy for app developers to build businesses that can scale, thanks to monetization through in-app advertising. Now, as a Twitter company, we continue to empower publishers to monetize their mobile apps with our world-class products, technology, and services. 

What services does MoPub provide to mobile publishers and/or advertisers? 

MoPub provides flexible monetization solutions for mobile publishers around the globe. Today, publishers and app developers use MoPub’s trusted platform to help drive maximum revenue for every ad impression and control their user experience, while DSPs and marketers enjoy access to high-quality mobile audiences at maximum scale. 

How has MoPub grown alongside mobile?

MoPub has helped mobile app publishers grow their businesses since 2010. For over 10 years, MoPub has been committed to driving the best possible results for our customers by relentlessly innovating and making continued investments to enable maximum value for our customers and the mobile ecosystem. As mobile has continued its meteoric rise, so too has MoPub as a foundation for mobile publishers’ and developers’ deep-rooted growth. MoPub is a big believer in the true unified auction, or what we call Advanced Bidding, which has grown exponentially in revenue as well as publisher adoption since its original launch in 2017. MoPub Marketplace brings together more than 55,000 apps and 130 DSPs globally, servicing over 1 trillion monthly app advertisement requests and reaching over 1.4 billion unique devices. MoPub’s offerings include innovative mobile-first ad formats including native, rewarded video, rich interstitials, and more; robust tools and partnerships to help DSPs find their audiences; and support for marketers, agencies, and trading desks looking to maximize their programmatic investment.

MoPub has been part of Twitter since 2013 — How does MoPub contribute to Twitter’s overall mobile strategy?

MoPub provides Twitter with a leading global mobile ad exchange and real-time bidding technology, giving Twitter advertisers access to a large and high-quality mobile audience. At the same time, MoPub benefits from Twitter’s global resources, unparalleled data center strength, and access to Twitter advertisers.

Services Offered

How do your services make life easier for mobile publishers and/or advertisers?

For publishers, MoPub provides the reliable foundation for a successful, durable app business that thrives in the short- and long-term. Our flexible solution is built with the needs of mobile app publishers in mind. MoPub’s app monetization platform helps maximize revenue by enabling a true unified auction amongst all of demand sources: ad networks, demand-side platforms (DSPs), and direct-sold deals or cross-promotions.

For advertisers, their audience is spending time in mobile apps, and MoPub has the solutions designed to help them meet key goals by connecting them with the right audience in the mobile app environment. MoPub takes transparency and brand safety seriously, with a multi-step approach to supply quality that includes publisher vetting, third-party partnerships for measurement and verification, and policy enforcement that leverages Twitter’s global Policy Operations organization. Brands trust MoPub to help them connect with audiences where they’re spending their time: in mobile apps. App Annie research found that by the end of 2020, mobile game spending would increase ahead of desktop and home console gaming to more than 2.8 times and 3.1 times, respectively. Consumer spend in mobile gaming is also expected to reach 60% of market share among all gaming platforms by the end of 2021. 

Why is it important for publishers and/or advertisers to utilize services such as yours?

MoPub provides a formula that delivers short AND long-term sustainability for app businesses. It’s never been more competitive for publishers to drive consistent performance, and this competition has forced many to get sucked into the whirlwind of a solely “here and now” mentality. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. That said, there is a formula to winning and durable growth: the growth engine. It means acquiring key users, retaining them for as long as possible, earning from them through ads and/or IAP (in-app purchases), and then reinvesting those earnings into savings for future acquisition. 

Advertisers recognize that we live in the mobile era. In 2019, the average adult started spending more time each day engaging with their mobile device than watching TV — and 90% of time spent on mobile is in-app.  MoPub’s role is to help brands reach their desired audience with direct connections to that supply and deliver ad formats that engage and excite users. Since day one, MoPub has focused solely on mobile app because we believe it provides the best quality of user experience (vs. a browser) and is where users are spending most of their time.

What is an example of your tools/services enabling mobile publisher and/or advertiser success?

One of the many examples of how MoPub served as the foundation for publishers’ deep-rooted growth is Voodoo. A pioneer in the hyper-casual gaming space, Voodoo primarily monetizes its games with in-app advertising (IAA). Voodoo and MoPub’s partnership dates to 2014 and has thrived thanks to MoPub’s flexible and transparent monetization platform, unparalleled hands-on client services, and Advanced Bidding; with MoPub, they have found a long-term trusted partner that has enabled their explosive growth over the years. 

More details on the Voodoo Advanced Bidding Case Study.

How does MoPub’s Advanced Bidding solution help monetize apps across the length and breadth of the publishing ecosystem? 

The first to bring network bidding to the app world in 2017, we are big believers in the entirely real-time unified auction or what we call Advanced Bidding. In MoPub’s push for a true unified auction, Advanced Bidding was a natural progression for us. By flattening the waterfall, we’ve seen strong benefits for publishers and advertisers!

Our publishers have seen ARPDAU increases up to 111% and filled supply increases as high as 184%. 

Advanced Bidders are not only filling more but are all increasing their share of wallet, up to 13% so far, which helps demonstrate the value of bidding for buyers too.

How does Advanced Bidding democratize monetization? 

In the programmatic world, there are numerous demand sources and demand types. These could be on a variety of cost models (CPC, CPA, CPV) or connection types (guaranteed through a direct deal or private marketplace, historical and manually set, averaged-out or in real-time). 

MoPub’s unified auction and Advanced Bidding help bring all those different sources and types to an equal playing field, all competing on a cost per thousand impression (CPM) model and in real-time for your inventory. 

This enables all different types of demand to finally compete together in real-time!

The Industry

Where do you see mobile heading in the short term (2-3 years) and long term (5 years and longer)?

At MoPub, we are excited about the increased adoption as well as the success of Advanced Bidding for publishers and marketers increasing their connections with consumers across mobile applications. 

With Advanced Bidding, we look forward to seeing an increased number of network impressions and revenue transacted through the unified auction. In the short term, we are working to add major networks to Advanced Bidding so our publishers can seamlessly integrate with them and take advantage of the benefits real-time bidding brings. In 2020, we saw publisher adoption of Advanced Bidding skyrocket, and we are working towards all of our publishers transacting via Advanced Bidding and the unified auction before the end of the year. 

An increasing number of marketers recognize that mobile in-app is not just a channel, but actually, the channel to best engage their target audience. In the short term, advertisers should likely move from if to how much they should invest in mobile apps. Longer-term, we look forward to seeing budgets weighted in mobile app to be the same level to where users spend their time on their mobile devices (90% are with mobile apps).

How do you see the shift from traditional forms of entertainment and utility (TV and desktop usage) to a more mobile-focused world impacting companies that use your services?

At MoPub, we believe that the shift has already begun. Two years ago, we crossed the threshold where the average US adult started to spend more time with their mobile device compared to watching TV.  90% of that time spent on mobile is within apps.  With the growth we have seen and the increases we expect to see, MoPub recognizes its role in helping publishers, as well as brands, build foundations for deep-rooted growth is more important than ever. We also recognize that each business is different, so we work with our partners to provide them both customizable, yet scalable, solutions for them to take advantage of this massive industry force.

What is an industry trend or development you are excited about in the near-term, and why?

Last year, Apple announced app privacy changes including new frameworks for event reporting, data nutrition label submissions, and user tracking permission prompts. The most notable change announced was a new user permission requirement for IDFA collection. In an update published in September of 2020, Apple informed developers of a delay in that implementation, and have not yet confirmed a date; however, we now see the ATT prompt in the latest beta. 

Regardless of when the prompt enforcement launches, Apple’s change represents a disruption to how advertising on iOS devices has historically been measured. It is important to prepare your business now for these future changes. 

MoPub remains committed to supporting the thousands of developers, publishers, and buyers that rely on our platform to fuel their mobile app innovation. To help everyone prepare, we have put together a ‘to-do’ checklist that will help mobile app publishers and buyers prepare for when Apple’s privacy changes take effect. You can read it here.

Company Culture

How big is the MoPub team, and how would you describe them? 

The MoPub team is part of the global Twitter family and is based in offices around the world. These individuals are proactive and provocative partners who #CareMore! They act with radical candor, directly challenging with care but are all about integrity and an unbiased approach. They consistently put others’ success first and try to find ways to elevate their game.

Do any of your team members have public facing Twitter accounts?

Yes! Some great follows below:

Keeping up with MoPub
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