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Creative-Showcase ESPN DSTV

Creative Showcase: ESPN on DStv

Posted Feb 25, 2021

In this Creative Showcase, we’re highlighting our work in South Africa with ESPN’s campaign to increase awareness of their return to DStv through an engaging Dynamic End Card. ESPN has a large audience that they were able to reach by using AdColony’s Dynamic End Card and an interactive quiz that would allow users to gain awareness of and share the news while also interacting with the ad. Through this partnership, ESPN was able to hit viewable rates that were well beyond the benchmark, increase unique completion rates, and generate awareness of their return to DStv. 

About the Campaign: 

Though ESPN operates on many channels and platforms, they more recently transitioned back to streaming on DStv (digital satellite television) in South African regions. With this new transition, ESPN wanted to engage with viewers and gauge whether or not they were aware of the update. In order to do this, ESPN needed a powerful way to reach many consumers in their target market, which was through mobile advertising. ESPN partnered with AdColony South Africa to develop and implement a sports-themed announcement of their return to DStv with their main objective being to announce that their two channels were now available on the DStv bouquet. 

How it Worked:

In order to create awareness and engagement with the target audience, two concepts were developed that would allow ESPN to reach these consumers. A Dynamic End Card was created with a quiz attached that asked viewers if they were aware that ESPN was back on DStv by stating, “Did You Know ESPN Is Back to DStv?” and “Did You Know ESPN Is Back ON DStv?” These questions would allow the target audience to become aware that ESPN is back on DStv and would promote engagement by having buttons that encouraged consumers to select “Yes” or “No” in response to the questions. 

In addition to the Dynamic End Care Quiz, ESPN also encouraged users to talk about and share this news by adding a “SHARE NOW” button that would allow consumers to share this announcement with their peers. In addition to this button, another form of engagement would come from the “DISCOVER MORE” button, as this would allow consumers to dive into ESPN and learn more about the world of sports and all they have to offer. 

Campaign Results:

After implementing this mobile advertising campaign with AdColony, ESPN received outstanding results. According to MOAT, the valid and viewable rate was 90.46%, which is extremely high compared to the benchmark of 29.2%. In addition, there was a 90% unique completion view rate and a 7.5% Dynamic End Card engagement rate, up over 100% from the benchmark of 3%. Also, the in-view measurable rate was 98.02%, up from the benchmark of 97.6%, according to MOAT. By working with AdColony and implementing a mobile advertising campaign, ESPN was able to create views, engagement, and spread awareness of their move to DStv to their target audience all with rates higher than the benchmarked viewership and engagement.  

When asked if they were familiar with the news of ESPN being on DStv, 45% of users responded “YES” to the prompt. In addition to responding to the quiz on the Dynamic End Card, users engaged with the ad, which led to a 65% Multiple Engagement Rate for the Dynamic End Card. This engagement allowed users to learn about ESPN’s announcement and share the content with their peers.

Out of the users who responded to the quiz, 40% said “NO,” meaning they were not familiar with the fact that ESPN is back on DStv. This information is beneficial as it allows for the understanding of how this campaign spread awareness for ESPN.

In addition, 83% of the audience watched the video in completion, which further indicates that ESPN was able to reach their target audience as the benchmark for video completion rate is only 70%. Overall, the campaign generated over 140,000 impressions and had a 90% Unique Completed View Rate. 

About ESPN: 

ESPN is a major sports cable channel that features live sporting events and programs that reach millions of users every day. With the addition of these two DStv channels, South African ESPN fans will now be able to watch two 24-hour sports channels. These channels will feature every major US sport, European football, and Scottish, Dutch, and West African football. These sports fans can watch live sporting events as well as catch up on sports news, talk shows, and programs 24/7. 

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