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New Report — Xennials: Analog Childhood, Digital Adult

Posted Feb 25, 2021

If your first phone was a Nokia, your first computer was a Commodore 64, or the first note that you sent your crush was written by hand (vs. a series of emoji-laden texts), then you are part of the group that some call “Xennials” and others call the “Oregon Trail Generation.” 

Xennials often see themselves as caught in the middle between Millennials and Gen X, each with distinct preferences and behaviors. Those in this 35-44 age group would be most likely to be in the middle of their careers, have significant spending power, and see technology as a necessity.

Xennials grew up analog, with traditional media like broadcast TV spots. Their first experience with technology was early-stage devices like Motorolas and classic games like The Oregon Trail.  But they still know and love games. Now that mobile phones are an essential part of their life and they are 100% digital, this group is prime for mobile games.

Xennials are a unique group of consumers that is all about growth and adaptation. In creating our Modern Mobile Gamer Report, in partnership with DISQO, we noticed distinct characteristics of the 35-44 age group. The Xennials: Analog Childhood, Digital Adult report focuses on the age group’s interest in mobile gaming and what sets them apart from other age groups.

Highlights of the Study

  • More than half (51%) of Xennials play mobile games daily.  — Xennials are more likely to be “committed” gamers, with 51% playing once to several times a day. One in four admits to calling themselves a gamer. 
  • Outside of mobile, gaming consoles are still their favorite way to play — Xennials continue to over-index for Nintendo ownership – 26.3% vs. 19.5% on average – but they have officially moved on to other consoles. Playstation is the most popular, with 34.4% of Xennials owning one, followed by Xbox at 30.4%.
  • Xennials love puzzle games, and not just the simple ones — Xennials are not afraid to get more complicated. They like games that require thinking and planning, such as Strategy and Role-Playing Games (RPG).
  • Among Us’ cross-platform play appeals to the age group. — The multi-platform capability of Among Us perfectly suits the Xennial, closer to a Millennial in their easy, quick transitions between smartphone, tablet, laptop, and console. In other words, this is a micro-generation that had to adopt new technologies quickly.

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